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Bargirls | Part 2

This week the plan was to hangout at Bigdogs beer bar located within Nana Soi 4. Unfortunately the standard and lack of bargirls at Bigdogs meant I couldn’t bring myself to take a seat. In their defense I’d say the best bargirls may have already been barfined … I hope so! I have seen some okay looking women inside Bigdogs in the past. I didn’t have to walk far on my quest and before I knew it I was seated by the railing inside the K&S Bar.

Before I start I had several emails this week asking for a picture of the bargirls I am spending time with during this series. I do tell them what I am doing once we start trading stories. They are more than happy to tell all as long as no one knows who they are. Therefore the answer is No! The funny thing is the bargirls are very interested about what goes on within the gogo bars and do ask more questions more than I ask them. Another note is … The money you pay the lady is for her time! If you end up banging all night so be it! As consenting adults you can do whatever you both want …..

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