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Bargirls | Part 2

This week the plan was to hangout at Bigdogs beer bar located within Nana Soi 4. Unfortunately the standard and lack of bargirls at Bigdogs meant I couldn’t bring myself to take a seat. In their defense I’d say the best bargirls may have already been barfined … I hope so! I have seen some okay looking women inside Bigdogs in the past. I didn’t have to walk far on my quest and before I knew it I was seated by the railing inside the K&S Bar.

Before I start I had several emails this week asking for a picture of the bargirls I am spending time with during this series. I do tell them what I am doing once we start trading stories. They are more than happy to tell all as long as no one knows who they are. Therefore the answer is No! The funny thing is the bargirls are very interested about what goes on within the gogo bars and do ask more questions more than I ask them. Another note is … The money you pay the lady is for her time! If you end up banging all night so be it! As consenting adults you can do whatever you both want.

Freelancers Soi 4 Nana

View from the K&S Bar Soi 4

The K&S Bar has around eight bargirls sitting around without a customer. A waitress came over and took my drink order and when she came back she asked if I wanted some company? I felt like gambling so I let her choose but I stipulated that they need be able speak okay English. The waitress came back with a woman around 30 yrs who looked good and could speak English at a level where we could have a decent conversation. This is a whole new ball game from gogo dancers who would already be on my lap. Here I feel compelled to be polite and go through all the niceties.

I did act innocent and asked ‘what are those women doing?’ Pointing at the freelancers opposite (pic). She perked right up and proceeded to tell me ‘they working try get customer … Not work bar’. Her big revaluation was telling me that ladyboys also hang around there. The one hoeing into a bag of chips is obviously a ladyboy. The rest are all women. Later on I did notice another three ladyboys hanging around. The ladyboys are easy enough spotting therefore no one should end up with a surprise. She let me know that most of the freelancers go with three to four customers a night … Sh.t screw that! … you’d definitely want to be first in the cue. Just as she was telling that she’s nudging me in the side and looks in the direction of two African women that just walked past. In a quiet voice she tells me ‘they are working!’ HA HA no sh.t. I think my innocent routine doesn’t work therefore lets get into it.

I let her know with gogo dancers I’m already holding onto some ass by now. So what's the go here? I notice no ones touching anyone. She lets me know she doesn’t do that until we go ‘Boom Boom’. See what I mean you feel like you need go slow with some of these women. As soon as you pay the barfine you could be banging them anytime soon! It’s all just dependant on how close your hotel room is. She let me know that some of the older bargirls do get right into touching the customer. Well I guess I wont be holding onto any ass anytime soon.

I don’t know how we got onto this but once you get a bargirl telling stories they find it hard to stop. She tells me she doesn’t like go with couples as it gets too messy and too busy … F me that’s loaded … tell me more … too messy? She’s trying to explain how a couple of women get it on grinding each others groins juiced up to the max!!! I do order another beer at this point. It just seemed the right thing to do. ‘Ohhh too busy I don’t know who to touch … Just too busy!’ It’s the woman that are after a bit of lesbo action with the bargirl … the guys just the sideshow. She says they do have a lot of couples who come to find a woman but she doesn’t go with them anymore. I looked around the K&S Bar and there are no couples present tonight.

Smooci Bangkok

I was telling her about lasts weeks bargirl being able to deep throat a large She went on to say that she cant do that and made a point just like the woman last week about using a condom whilst sucking on a stick. ‘I need look after myself!’. Then she perks out ‘I don’t like the taste of cum … can’t swallow it”. Mmm a bit of a contradiction but maybe she’s talking about taking a load in the mouth from her boyfriend.

She tells me that it’s quiet season now therefore she doesn’t get barfined every week. Yesterday she sat here until 2 am and never got one drink. That's how she knows all about the freelancers opposite. It must be a prick when quiet. She went onto say that she was lucky during the busy period as she had a few customers take her for four to five days at a time … Jackpot!!

She was a bit confused about why two years ago she was very busy and found it easier to get barfined then than now. Well two years ago she was 28 and in the life of a bargirl time will take its toll.

I ask how much will she go with me for two hours? … ‘2000 Baht’. So what happens if some poor guy’s really hanging out and cum's within 5-10 min's.?‘Ahh you cum 5 min’s’ HA HA no I’m talking about some other guy! Just say someone cum's quick. What happens? Is it over? She smiles and just nods then says ‘he good customer’.  Now I want to know how long other guys are banging for? … She says no more than 30 min’s. If any longer then they’re a bad customer! HA HA … this chicks a riot!

She asked me how long I want have sex for? … Well at least an hour! Oh too long. She replied ‘If customer boom boom that long I need tell him he need finish.’ Mmm whatever happened to the two hours? Can you imagine some poor prick traveling 6000 miles to get told ‘Hurry up … FINISH!!!’