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Bargirls | Part 1

The past year for me it has mainly been about gogo dancers. Sit on this move to the beat, grab her ass she’ll grind you stupid, grab those tits she’ll come in close. Now she’s working! There is no need for conversation with gogo dancers unless you’re planning on barfining one of them. It can all become a bit of a grind in more ways than one. HA not true! I will never get bored of gogo dancers! Just check the picture bellow of my view at The Dollhouse on Tuesday night. These chicks are so fine!!

This got me thinking can I grab a bargirl like this? I never have. It has always been about the conversation and how we are getting on before I even thinking about taking it any further … Barfine! Only when I’m away from the bar will I even think about getting a bit touchy. You can still and do get the girlfriend experience if you choose correctly with a bargirl.

I’m not talking about the bargirls at some of my favorite haunts within Soi Cowboy. It’s regular bargirls like you find at the beer bars along Soi 4 Nana or at several bars within Patpong. So here’s the plan. I’ll head to a beer bar early enough so they haven’t had a drink with anyone else. I will take it slow and see how far I can go within the bar. This should be interesting but first I’ll need to pick a beer bar.

The Dollhouse Bangkok

The Dollhouse Gogo Dancers.

Radio City will do located within Patpong Soi 1. Here’s an okay bar to get to know one of the bargirls. They have been a bit quiet lately but I have noticed some decent looking bargirls hanging out front over the past couple of weeks. There is one pool table within Radio City and tonight there is a guy playing a game of pool with the two best looking bargirls working tonight … Damn!!!

There are five bargirls left so I end up choosing the one who can speak the best English. Here I am hanging out with a mid 30’s bargirl whom I would feel more than comfortable hitting the streets of Bangkok with. She would have been number three on my list therefore no complaints. Just give then your drinks order and off they trot and get it for you. No need for a waitress plus it gives you a good chance to have a good look at her in full flight. She comes back with the drinks and is straight into the questions ‘oh you must play sport’ HA HA ‘you go gym’ … HA HA she’s really laying it on. I get her off that train of thought quickly and before long she’s telling me all about her exploits as a bargirl … More on that later.

I have one arm around her waist and she has no problem with having he butt grabbed. Then she tells me from nowhere that she has small breasts but big nipples … Sh.t Yeah! … Like a winner I tell her that’s what I’m into. Anyway that's my cue and she was more than happy having me check out one nipple F.. Me … Cool! She actually asked if she could touch me? I couldn’t even joke with that question. From then on she kept her hand on my thigh or groin giving me a slow rub. She is a bit of a tease letting me know she is clean shaven and pulling her dress up showing her fine figure. I thought she was going to show me her shaved pussy there for a second but she put her dress back down.

By our second drink she’s really starting to open up. She shows me a small tattoo on her shoulder and tells me that when guys do her in doggie position that they cum pretty quick when they spot the tattoo! She asks ‘Do I know doggie’ HA HA I hope she’s joking. She is keen for me to barfine her tonight and will stay all night for 2000 Baht. Well I can’t complain about that but what I will complain about is she says she doesn’t like it when a guy goes too deep HA HA … Oh and tells me ‘when you cum can you go slow as it hurts!!’ HA HA … Well that all sounds like a deal breaker!

Here are a couple of her exploits. Really she wants to ask me a question with the first one. She had a guy a few weeks ago mid 20’s who barfined her and had a really big HA HA it filled her whole mouth! She then spent a few minutes telling me how she can deep throat and simulating the action of how she did swallow an above average mans sized! To her credit she made a point that she will only suck a with the use of a condom! Her question is coming but first she shows me … 1, 2, 3, 4  boom he cums! Now's she’s … why? … why he cum so quick? Just 4 sucks!! It was all too much for me and I answer back dumbly ‘maybe he drank too much’ F.mee!

Her next story is an eye opener and this guy’s my new hero. She tells me that she has a customer who is 84 and he can bang her long time without blowing. When he wants to cum … HA HA I’ve said this before … this is so hard to write sometimes. I’ll get back to his cuming in a minute. We went back and forth for about 10 min's just to make sure that this 84 yr old guy is on top banging her senseless!

After confirming that yeah this guy blows big dick mid 20’s guy out of the water she tells me how he likes to cum. Once he knows she’s well and truly satisfied he pulls out and that's her cue to give him a blow job for a few minutes where he then proceeds to drop a load … HA HA Legend!!!

It’s still uncomfortable walking around Bangkok just now because of the humidity. One morning was surprisingly fresh after some rain but this doesn't help with my quest of going out at night …Humid! Therefore this week my ventures out have been more of a hit and run. Standing within Patpong Soi 2 there is one bar I feel gravitated to and that is Club Electric Blue. The gogo dancers look so good just now. But that was not to be since the mission this week at Patpong was to hang out with bargirls therefore I just ignored all the gogo bars.

I headed to Soi Cowboy twice and found the bars to be busy early in the week. Friday night Soi Cowboy seemed subdued when I walked down the Soi … The best bars were still busy inside. Check out the Soi Cowboy page to find the best bars.

I talked up how good the ladyboys looked last week. I have seen some stunners over the past few weeks even at the Cockatoo Bar. Some people might be a bit disappointed as they’re attracted to an older style ladyboy where everyone knows she’s a dude!

Cockatoo Bar Soi Cowboy

Cockatoo Bar Soi Cowboy Ladyboys

I shot this picture from distance this Friday night and had no idea at the time at the level of the ladyboys present. You can imagine my surprise when this picture popped up on my computer screen. Next to the other ladyboys who look like they have had a bit of work done … she really does standout from the crowd!

The Toy Bar had a few women out front that I haven’t seen before. I ended up standing nearby thinking ‘should I or shouldn’t I?’ … talk about tempting. Jungle Jim's was busy where as the Moonshine Joint was quiet. Which is strange as both bars feed of each other. People need realize that you can buy a drink and sit at either bars outside bar rather than just stick to one … Spread it out!

At the Five Star Bar on Tuesday night there were hardly any bargirls after 10 pm. Therefore you need get in early if you are planning on barfining one the best bargirls that the Five Star Bar has on offer. It really is hit and miss as on Friday night the Five Star Bar was busy and still had several cool bargirls present. If you were after a ladyboy (post-op) well their numbers were depleted as they most likely have been barfined early and are now out on the town with their new boyfriends … F..Me!

Along Nana Soi 4 Hillary 2 has been lively as has a bar that I have never mentioned but have had my eye on for a couple of months. The Rest Hub 2 Bar. They play good music and have been consistently busy over the past few weeks. You can find Rest Hub 2 next to the entrance to EQ Late Nightclub. Melodies UK had some shockers of bargirls working on Saturday night … No wonder they were quiet. Earlier in the week Melodies had a few good looking bargirls inside which meant they had customers.

At Nana Plaza it was business a usual for the best bars. Of the smaller bars it was DC 10 that was the busiest of all. They had a real party atmosphere inside (Ladyboy Bar). On the  ground floor Easy Lick had a crowed. I haven't gone inside for any length of time to comment on how good the bar is or isn’t. The quietest bar at Nana Plaza is the Enter Bar. Their location is a killer being next to Billboard Agogo. Parked next to Nana Plazas busiest bar the Enter Bar can’t even feed off of Billboard since they’re so good! There is no reason to leave!

The big news on the ground floor of Nana Plaza is Suckers has had their sign taken down and they will be reverting back to Lollipop … It’s all just a name change!