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A F.cking Backpack!

As an adult heading out to Nana Plaza what is the last thing you want to see people carrying? … A F.cking Backpack! I’ve never witnessed anyone getting it on having a good time with women who has a backpack. As a matter of fact if I ever saw someone entering a gogo bar with a backpack and a baseball cap then I’m out of there! As should most people. Dont people think before they go out? … ‘Yeah this is a good look! Now lets hit the bars!’

The image below is from Wednesday Night @ Nana Plaza where I spotted a gogo dancer (her breasts) who was on a break from the Twister Bar. A quick check of the picture and that's when I spotted the backpacks. The good news is a bar like Rainbow 5 is vigilant and are up front about refusing entry to anyone that doesn’t fit their demographic. Bars should have a ‘No Backpack Policy’ as there is no reason why any adult should be carrying a backpack when going out to gogo bars. Think about it!What For?

Twister Bar Gogo Dancer @ Nana Plaza

I thought about it on occasions whilst living in Melbourne way before backpacks became a security issue. It used to be a bit of a running joke of … WTF? I’d see grown men with a backpack and would just wonder what they had inside. Their lunch? HA HA f.mee … babies. A drink? HA HA. Their jacket? Their teddy bear? Who knows? … It all just doesn’t make any sense. We are in a large city and if you want food or drink … Just buy it!

All people need when out and about in Bangkok is their wallet/phone/passport. Especially if they intended on entering one of the Red Light Areas. Honestly what could that guy have in there? His buddy has got it right as he has a small bag that is a lot more comfortable and is more normal looking than a full blown backpack.

There is no use flogging this as it is all common sense. When going out you don’t need the kitchen sink. Free yourself of the burden of carrying a backpack. Security at bars should refuse entry to anyone carrying a backpack. Who cares that it has more than likely been checked. Someone who enters later and sees the backpack on the floor doesn’t know that it has been checked … Tourists need to feel safe!

The only reason I headed to Nana Plaza this week was to check on Butterflies which has had their doors closed since late last week. Hopefully everything will get sorted ASAP. I’ll just leave it at that.

I also had a brief look at the Mercury Bar which has been transformed into a ladyboy bar. The ladyboys that I came in contact with were all attractive and polite. There was no pressure to go inside or was there any touching on their behalf. I did feel more than comfortable standing out front having a chat.

Good news at Nana Plaza is that the only escalator was back in action on Friday Night. I think it was out of service for about a month … It didn’t affect me but I have seen a few of the older tourists faces drop when they saw the escalator wasn’t in operation. They need all their energy when it counts … and it isn’t walking upstairs!

The recent Dollhouse pictures have been a big hit. I am still receiving emails asking for all things … What's their names? HA HA. It’s hard enough remembering someone's name who is Western let alone Thai. Here’s a tip … Book a holiday and find out for yourself's. These chicks will more than likely blow your mind!

I have plenty of images that I will casually release over time. How fine is the dancer below? All you need do is head on into The Dollhouse and in 5 minutes this could be your view. Get her a drink and before you know it she could be on your lap. Damn I shouldn’t be sitting here writing this.

The Dollhouse Gogo Dancer

A Dollhouse Tabletop Dancer @ Soi Cowboy

A couple of the gogo dancers from the Midnite Bar grabbed hold of my arm before one of them said ‘I remember you … come inside!’ for about 30 seconds I couldn’t remember her. Then it twigged … It was blondie from a few months ago. Her hair is now a few shades darker than before. Yes we had a good time but I’m not in party mode tonight. Sometimes you need be strong willed when you have come into contact with as many gogo dancers as I have. She looked very tempting.

Junk Email Bin

Since this weekend in Thailand is a Buddhist Holiday the bars closed at midnight on Friday and will reopen as per usual on Monday. I had planned to be out and about continuing on with the mixed bar series but those plans have been scuttled due to the holiday. This gives me a chance to insert a few items as fillers that didn’t make the cut in previous columns. They just didn’t match with the theme or would have taken the focus away from what I had written that week. Most is just boring sh.t dealing with crap!

I have got away from the full on what is happening at the bars as it does get a bit repetitive when there is no change. I will still do so on occasions but only when there has been a swing one way or another. I will stick to my main story and report on anything interesting that has happened during the week. No informing the readers that a dud bar is throwing a party … how bad is it when you know a bar is way below standard and you tell people they have an upcoming event … You would just piss off the unsuspecting readers who did decide to go after seeing a plug on this website.

I had a crazy email recently from someone who has a connection with another website saying if you don’t put on flyers in your column then you wont get any traffic … HA HA. What a full blown nut case! Then they put a link saying ‘see how the pros do it!’ … HA HA … I honestly think it’s some pseudo gay thing the way he sucks the other guy off. Who gives a sh.t what other people do with their website … That’s their business!

I checked the Nana Plaza website who does flyers and their Alexa Rank is sitting on 6,523,584 … HA HA. That would equate to 30 to 40 people a week if lucky … FFS. I wont get started on bought followers on Facebook and Twitter. Any rank under 2 million you are getting some decent traffic. Then and only then can you proceed with confidence down the advertising path. I hope they let people know how well they dont do.

Here’s a strange occurrence that hit my email box relating to advertising for men's health. They wanted to advertise on this website for six months and there was a link showing the ads on another website. I thought okay but here comes the crazy part … for them to advertise on this website they wanted a copy my passport and for me to supply my home address. HA HA. How mind blowingly retarded is that!? Could you imagine any company or person handing over their personal info because someone wanted to advertise on your website. talk about backward thinking!

This website is for tourists and not for marketers to try and push it in a different direction. Thank for the … Junk Email Bin!

Okay that's the trash taken care of … Here's a list of the 10 best gogo bars in Bangkok … RIGHT NOW!

Crazy HouseBillboardThe DollhouseBangkok BunniesCowboy 2BaccaraTwister BarKings Castle 2Rainbow 5Kings Corner.

Tourist can with confidence have a big night out at any of the above bars.