Walking Street Pattaya Nightlife

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Back to Pattaya

I headed back to Pattaya for another week exploring Sin City. It had only been 4 weeks since my last visit but I did notice a few changes. The beer bars along Beach road at 6pm had more patrons inside than the last time I was here. Heading up to Soi LK Metro via Soi 13 this is where there was a marked increase in tourist inside the beer bars. It really did take me by surprise. Some of the bargirls present do look like they have been working several years too many, yet these bars are busy. Early 40's, I just don’t see the attraction. These women are gold for the guys who like to knock back a beer or two.

Get in early and you might get lucky and find a couple of bargirls in their early 30’s that could be a bit of fun. Talking of fun if you want to take her from the bar then a barfine should set you back 400฿ and she will be with you until the morning for 1500฿. For under 2000฿ there's your girlfriend for the night…FFS.

Pattaya Beer Bar

  Beach Road Pattaya - Beer Bar

I walked down Soi 9ish heading back towards Beach Road. This is where depression set in. I have no problem with stopping and staring at something or someone if slightly shocked at what I see. Here the demographic of the males inside the small beer bars appeared to be the down and outs from the West and would have looked out of place even for Beach Road. They all just sat alone talking to no one just looking into the obis. Each bar had 2 or 3 older bargirls working inside. This is who I felt slightly depressed for, not the guys inside. How could they end up working here? This is defiantly the end of the line for any bargirl.

Within a few minutes I enter Beach Road and I’m back on track. F….me I’m not walking down there again. There defiantly is an increase in freelancers hanging out along the beach side of the road. This time I am noticing more ladyboys the closer I get to Walking Street. There are some attractive freelancers in their early 20’s and a few not so good. They probably do okay since a few too many beers is a guys worst enemy, especially when walking past freelancers.

Living Dolls Showcase Pattaya

Walking Street Pattaya

Finally some gogo dancers!! Walking Street was busy as usual with Chinese and Japanese tourist taking in the sights. The bars I did go into were busier than last time I was here. The quietest bar that I went to was up Soi 14 which was The Dollhouse Pattaya. This did surprise me as some bars were packed!!! Namely the Happy Bar, Baccara and The Iron Club and this is a Tuesday night. The beer bars within Walking Street were still a bit quiet but the bars that had live bands were packing them in at around midnight.

Walking back to the Motel after 2 am there are still plenty of freelancers along Beach Rd, they do start to thin out as you pass Soi 6. More than a few were more interested in eating at this time of night. I did pass a couple of freelancer mid 20’s who looked good enough to work in a gogo bar. They where defiantly keen to find someone for the remainder of the night. When I looked over and continued walking one said ‘come on you know you want it’. Good line, it was tempting but no not tonight.

Hanging out at the beach during the day the big change was the demographic of the tourists heading out to the speed boats. The Chinese numbers were down slightly but now there was a big increase in Indian and Korean tourists. Anyone that is interested in Korean women well get a deck deck chair for 40฿ all day, what a bargain. Twice I had 4 or 5 single Korean women mid to early 20’s in one piece bathing suits bouncing around taking photos of each other. They would then just laze around on their deck chairs for 20 min's then they were back out on the sand taking pictures…. Nice.

Thursday night I traveled to Soi Cowboy entering via the Country Road entrance. There is a good mix of how the dancers standing out front their bars are dressed nowadays. Not just wearing the standard Coyote uniform that most punters are used to seeing. The Déjà Vu dancers were wearing a blue uniform that I had never seen before. The Ladyboys at the Five Star Bar had cool matching dresses… FFS.

At Rawhide the dancers were in bikinis and a couple had butts that I’m pretty sure you could crack an egg on, which made for a tempting walk-by. At the Lucky Star Bar the dancers were in bikinis also but here the women are a bit taller and fuller than most Thai women. I totally missed what was happening at the Kiss Bar and the Toy Bar as to be honest I was too busy looking back at the chicks out front the Rawhide GoGo Bar just thinking…. ‘should I or shouldn’t I ?’

At Cowboy 2 this is where you see the standard Coyote uniform in abundance. I really do thinks it’s time for some change. You could have been gone for 3 years and then came back to see no change in what the dancers wear. It’s all a bit boring for frequent visitors to Soi Cowboy.

Lighthouse Agogo Soi Cowboy - Top Floor

The Lighthouse Agogo Soi Cowboy

Opposite at the Lighthouse it was refreshing to see several of the dancers out front wearing short dresses which really is a sexy look. If you’re up for a big night out then do yourself a favor and check out the Lighthouse Agogo. They have  a cool group of dancers that wont disappoint as well as being a Tourist Friendly Bar makes the Lighthouse a must see bar within Soi Cowboy.

The Dollhouse had a couple of their A-team dancing out front this Thursday night. I did see them perform at their last dance contest and with what I was lucky enough to see…. well they do stop me in my tracks whenever I see them out front of The Dollhouse… I’m talking sh.t hot stuff especially if you like girl on girl action, what a memory.

The Shark Bar looked busy as did Baccara. The Rio Club has some attractive dancers and the staff are a bit of fun if you ever decide to go inside, just be-aware that the dancers can’t be barfined. Don’t let that put you off as the night I went in I still had a good night out. Oh yeah and you’d better be cashed up if you cant say no to buying lady drinks. Just stick with one chick and ignore the rest.

The Cockatoo Ladyboy Bar is starting to look a bit out of place for me with the ladyboys in bikinis. When you walk past the ladyboys in the Midnite, Sahara & the Five Star bar it’s such a better look with the ladyboys in a short dress. You got to move with the times……. Pre-op ladyboys put them in a dress…….FFS for obvious reasons.

Now to Nana Plaza where I was lucky enough to head into Bangkok Bunnies and witnessed the bar up an running at its full potential. Both dance floors were in operation with plenty of dancers on each. The Jacuzzi had a good rotation of girls, where you can have a lot of fun. Visually Bangkok Bunnies looks stunning with a crowd inside. I can only imagine what first time visitors would think. I was impressed.

The middle floor of Nana Plaza was busy on Thursday night Spanky’s, Rainbow 4, DC 10 & the Twister Bar all had a good crowd inside. Straps seemed quieter than I have seen then in a while. It might have just been a lull in proceedings when I passed. Rainbow 3 is another bar that is quiet and has been for a while now. Sandwiched between 2 ladyboy bars their location might not be the best just now.

At Billboard the dancers were wearing stunning gold bikinis on Saturday night that are defiantly on the skimpy side…. Looks sh.t hot!!!

I’m only guessing but I’d say that the Chili Bar was doing okay as there was no ladyboys hanging out front, which usually means they’re busy inside. Talking of ladyboys at Nana Plaza the good news is the groin grabbing seems to have stopped and I found it a lot more subdued walking past the ladyboy bars.

The Soi 4 beer bars are quieter than what I would have expected since Nana Plaza was so busy. I am totally unbiased when passing the beer bars stopping briefly out front to have a listen of the music being played and I check out how good the bargirls are inside. Hillary 4 comes out on top consistently, there is no getting away from it….. Hillary 4 is the best beer bar in Soi 4 right now. Some people will be thinking what about Hooters. Well they don't have bargirls so they’re not in the running. If I Just wanted to have a beer and you take the bargirls out of the equation then Hooters it is.

I was intending to spend some time in Patpong on Saturday night but as it ended up Nana Plaza was too interesting to even think about leaving and heading to Patpong. Maybe next week as I want to check out Bada Bing and I have some unfinished business at Kings Corner. There is one chick there that pushes all the right buttons therefore I just have to go back.