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I’m standing near Hooters having a chat with one of the Freelancers that has become a regular over the past few weeks. From across the Soi I would have put her age at approaching 30 but now that I’m standing close she looks easily five years older. I don’t know how my night would have panned out as from nowhere my attention turned to the ATM within the Nana Hotel carpark. Here we have a guy that has lost it big time! He is slapping the ATM with both hands. A waitress from Hillary 4 moves into lend assistance and his aggression level went through the roof as he yelled  ‘Go Away!!!’ She went back about 10 feet but moved closer as he tried again to retrieve cash from the ATM.

Anyone who has used a Thai ATM and can’t read Thai needs to change the language. This appears to be where he is stuck as he just stares at the screen. She moves in to lend assistance for the second time and again he yells ‘Go Away!’ Another waitress arrives to try and help … He’ll have none of this! Yelling ‘Go Away! You’re not helping!’ aggressively walking towards her. This happened on more than one occasion. He moves back in and starts yelling at the ATM …. ‘Why wont you work?’ HA HA. In the meantime the second waitress has called over security from Hillary 4 who watches from a reasonable distance.

Sukhumvit Road Nana

ATM near the entrance to Nana Soi 4.

Everyone on the railing at Hooters is watching this show. There is no helping this guy as his aggression level is too high. When he’s operating the ATM he looks calm but then he just explodes at any sign that the ATM wont give him cash or the waitress attempts to communicate. He tried for another five minutes without success and just lost it for 30 seconds yelling incoherently then like a switch became calm and started walking towards Sukhumvit Road.

Sh.t hot a road trip! I get to follow the action and now I can see the cast of the show. We have the foreigner, the waitress, the security, I’m guessing the female manager and finally his hot date for tonight the woman with dreadlocks.

He arrives at an ATM just past McDonalds and calmly goes about his business. Then as before he starts yelling ‘why wont Thai people give me my money’. HA HA That didn’t make sense. He stormed off and sat a few meters away and … sulked. The rest of the cast are just watching him when he explodes HA HA … ‘Where’s my phone!!!?’ …  His date had his phone and she gave it to him calmly. could this guy relax when he asks a question?

He sat for nearly ten minutes looking through his phone without anyone approaching. He goes back to the ATM for the last time without success. He loses it and starts yelling ‘I have 2000 Euros in this account’ several times like a broken record. Out of nowhere he calms himself and asks the waitress ‘What can I do?’ He motions to walk back to Hillary 4 as he is now calm. This is the first time I have seen him treat any of the women with respect. The rest of the cast just followed. I dropped off once they were approaching Hillary 4 since he has calmed to an extent were I’m sure it will get sorted. As long as he wasn’t pulling a fast one then this will be an easy fix.

For any tourists here using their foreign ATM card then just go to a Bank of Bangkok ATM. You shouldn’t have any problems getting any cash out. I remember my first trip here as a tourist and used an ATM for the first time. it was confusing until I could change everything to English. Onetime at a Shopping Center I needed a slab of cash and used my Australian Card in a K-Bank ATM … it was rejected! I must admit I sh.t for a second. Luckily there was a Bank of Bangkok next door … No problem!

I did find it strange that he only went to K-Bank ATM’s. If he had turned right then he would have found a Bank of Bangkok ATM. No one could help this guy since he was on a path of self destruction. It’s only common sense if you bring a date to a bar then to have plenty of cash in your wallet or just be aware of your bill. More than a few customers get caught a bit short at a gogo bar if they start partying with one or more of the gogo dancers. Some chicks are just to hot to let go. Make sure that your ATM Card is cashed up!

Pulling a fast one. Why would I put ads for upcoming events at bars if they dont pay to advertise? Think how wrong it would be to the gogo bars that do pay to advertise on this site. Although it is indirect the Mandarin Bar and Erotica should know what is going on. The whole world revolves around money and … They give this site nothing!Therefore dont ask for anything! … Talk about Dodgy!

Bangkok Bunnies Nana PlazaIt’s rare that I check out the bars on a Sunday Night but this week I did just that. Soi Cowboy was a bit more subdued than what I’m use to. The atmosphere that you get from a Friday or a Saturday Night was gone. The Dollhouse had a good crowed inside as did Cowboy 2 which is becoming the norm of late. At the Cactus Bar the gogo dancer numbers are starting to swell. Not long ago I would see just two dancers out front. Now that number is five or six. Once you add the dancers inside then for a small bar you will have plenty to look at. Albeit no place to hide.

Now that I have hung out with the gogo dancers from the Midnite Bar, Kiss Bar and Sahara you really can appreciate what these bars have to offer. If you are just after hanging with the gogo dancers then they will give you a good time … Onething they are not and that is shy! They will get on your lap quicker than you can spell ‘cum’. Just make sure you are cashed up since you will find it hard to leave if one of the dancers does land on your lap. I haven’t been into Spice Girls for a while but of late their gogo dancers that stand within the Soi do look mighty fine. Of these four bars the Kiss Bar is the one that is on top of their game on a Friday or Saturday Night.

Rawhide has a good promo just now … All beer brands are 120 Baht all night on a Sunday and a Wednesday Night. The bonus here is if you like to look at naked women then you will see them here and get to drink cheap beer. Is it worth it? I’ll find out soon enough. And yes I got something out of Rawhide therefore they get a mention.

At Nana Plaza I only have one annoyance and was lucky enough to snap a picture of this in action. Lately as I have walked passed Sexy Night there has been a woman grabbing my arm in a manner that would piss most people off. As you can see by the bottom left of the picture below. The guys whole body has been turned sideways as he pulls away. It’s not a friendly grab like you frequently encounter. This is a pricks grab where you just want to say … off!

Nana Plaza Bangkok

Nana Plaza Top & Middle Floors

I know some bars have an A-team, B-Team and maybe a C … Well I don’t know what team DC 10 had in the mix on Sunday night. I have been talking the ladyboys up over the past few weeks and did a double take when first looked at the picture above (DC 10 bottom right). On the top floor the Enter Bar has a couple of short gogo dancers … Who says smoking doesn’t stunt your growth? Butterflies Gogo Bar also on the top floor is going through a few minor changes. There have been improvements to the dancers uniforms getting away from the standard black … Also there are several new gogo dancers in the mix which will freshen any bar up.

I intended to be in Patpong sometime this week but Poker took priority. The must see bars within Patpong right now are … Here it’s all about grunt, balls whatever you want to call it.

Kings Corner … if your balls haven’t dropped then they will drop at Kings Corner. Dont up or you might find yourself banging a ladyboy! The female gogo dancers are down to earth and sexy. If you do choose correctly then you will more than likely find yourself thinking ‘That was the best I’ve had in a long time!

Electric Blue … These chicks look hot and have the attitude to match. If you’re a tourist I bet you haven’t felt a woman this good in a long, long time! Their dancers are definitely after a good time … therefore let loose!

King Castle 2 … If you want to party then the whole bar will light up. Dont hold back as you can have a night that you will never forget. If your plans are to barfine someone then you will find someone right up your alley at Kings Castle 2.

I have had a bit of change in attitude when it comes to what is a good gogo bar and what is not. Too sanitized actually cheapens the whole experience of going to a gogo bar. You just know there is something missing. Having grunt you feel like you’re definitely getting your moneys worth.

Get your grunt on at … Crazy House, Billboard, Twister Bar, Cowboy 2, Kings Corner, Kings Castle 2, The Dollhouse, Baccara, Electric Blue, Toy Bar, Kiss Bar, Bangkok Bunnies, Shark Bar, Lucky Star, Rainbow 5 plus any bar listed in the Hands–On Section.

When visiting Bangkok these gogo bars have what tourists expect!