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Rip into it!

Warning. This weeks column falls into the gutter therefore if you’re easily offended then do not read on: This past week has been weird as I have seen and heard things that have made me either turn or just stop and watch what transpires. I stopped near the DC 10 Ladyboy Bar in Nana Plaza just as 4 Australian guys were passing. All in their late 40’s I’m pretty sure the had been mates for years. One say’s “lets go in” and another guy says “you know they’re ladyboys?” He kept quiet as the 3rd guy’s face lights up and says ”I am game!” HA HA. I could see 2 of them with shocked looks on their face. You could only guess with what they were thinking. “! I’ve been friends with these two for years and they want to suck cock or even worse take it up the ass!” Overtime it’s easy to spot a ladyboy therefore I find it amusing listening to guys talk to a ladyboy especially when they come out with the crap of “really you’re a ladyboy?” Yeah right! It might as well be a dude wearing a dress and has silicon tits. Lets be honest you really want to suck their dick? I moved on from that sh.t and headed out to Soi 4 Nana.

Nana Soi 4 Ladyboys

Spot the Ladyboys … It’s Easy!

Here I‘am minding my own business as a couple of guys next to me are chatting away when one of them makes eye contact with a ladyboy as she (lets call him she) is about to walk-by. Well this ladyboy wasted no time in laying out her ideal scenario for these guys. She wanted to be f.cked up the ass by the tallest one whilst she sucked the other guys dick. She went that extra mile by telling them that she wanted the guy she was sucking to cum in her mouth. Then for the other guy to rip his dick out of her ass when he was ready to blow and cum all over her face. Now The Dollhouse Bangkoknothing really fazes me but I just had to turn and check everyone out. These guys faces were beaming when they asked how much? 1500 Baht each for that joy ride. I moved on.

This next ones a bit hard to write. Luckily it is brief since it was a short encounter. As I approach a bus stop that has long seats along Sukhumvit Road I noticed everyone moving to the footpath proper to pass. Well f… that I’ll walk around the front and before I knew it, there it is! What a lovely sight of a 50’s something Thai woman lying on the bench seat. She’s wearing a Thai dress which is pulled up revealing her underpants. Here legs are spread wide as she with her middle finger is moving within her piss flaps which you can see quite clearly through her underwear. HA HA me where to look, her face? We all know that look. If she hasn’t already cum then she is about to. Damn she makes eye contact so I looked back at her groin where she is now ripping into her clit at great knots. I just kept on walking.

The retard of the week goes to a seller of small bags at the Patpong Night Market. One annoyance was it happened to my left just when I had stopped recording. I looked over at a Japanese guy deciding not to buy a small bag (200 Baht). As he walked away the stall seller kicked him up the rear end. The Japanese guy was small and was yelling “Hey, Hey!” The seller was totally blinded in rage as he started to rearrange his stock. This all happened past the old Supper Pussy sign as you head towards Surawong Road. Mental Sh.t!

Recent uploads to YouTube:

Sukhumvit Bangkok | Unfiltered

                        Raw! From Soi 4 Nana and Sukhumvit Road to Soi Cowboy.

Bangkok Nightlife Soi Cowboy

                        Soi Cowboy November 2018.

Pattaya Night Scenes

                        See freelancers along Beach Road. More of Walking Street then take a look at Soi Buakhao.

Pattaya Night Scenes Part 2

                        Take a look at Drinking Street and Walking Street between 1am & 4am.

For those that have been watching the videos on YouTube will know that I have been spending a bit of time in Pattaya of late. The amount of women walking up and down Walking Street that are out for a good time is eye opening. The procession can feel like being non-stop. If you have the skills to pick up women then Pattaya is the place for you.

Here's a list of what I think are the best bars on the ground floor of Nana Plaza. This is especially for tourists that are busting for a bit of fun with women. Just get in there unshackled of giving a sh.t with what anyone else thinks. Here’s the bars that will deliver!

The Rainbow Bar

Lollipop (A mix of women & ladyboys)

Twister BKK

Rainbow 2 (Popular with Japanese customers)

In a few weeks I will give my opinion of which are the best gogo bars for tourists over the coming months. There will be a new bar opening soon on the top floor of Nana Plaza, in the old Charades Bar location, called Geisha.  Making way for the new bar the old Charades ladyboy bar has been gutted. The out front construction revealed a blast from the past “Tabasco Charlie's” which will jog a few peoples memory's. It’s all way before my time … Take a look at the Geisha Bar.

Tabasco Charlies Nana Plaza

Revealed last week at Nana Plaza.

I’ve heard that the new owner is Korean therefore lets see if the bar will be Western friendly. Butterflies Bangkok is making a push into the Japanese market. With bars that go down this path Westerners do end up down the list when it comes to who the dancers prefer. Go sit at Rainbow 4 (5) and you’ll see that the hottest dancers are going after the Japanese customers (They’ll pay more). Westerners end up with the older more unattractive dancers … No Thanks!

Note: The first image this week was taken from video.