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When It pours in Bangkok it really does come down in bucket loads and that's what it has been doing lately especially after 8 pm. If the rain sets in then both ends of Soi Cowboy get flooded. The Country Road Bar end is the least affected but there is no way around it you will need wade through ankle deep water for 10-15 ft. Head up to the Baccara end and now your talking above ankle levels for nearly 30 ft. You could be a hero and just walk right through it but this isn’t particularly clean water as some of it is be pushed up through the drains. If you feel Bangkok drains are clean then go for it.

The timing of the downpour can be a real nightmare or a godsend for bar owners. If it pours when Soi Cowboy is busy then the majority of the customers are trapped and will usually ride it out in whichever bar they are in or can get to. Happy times for the bars. The good news is there is an ATM within Soi Cowboy, you might need a top-up.

There are a few bars that would be a good spot to ride out a storm. Jungle Jim’s at 110฿ a beer is a good bar if you want to be left alone as the bargirls will back off once they know you’re not there to let loose. Their sister bar the Toy Bar although the drinks are the same price, these chicks will be on a feeding frenzy. You will more than likely have a few more drinks than what you had planned. And yeah wash your hands before you leave…FFS. I hope no ones thinking, Why?

Jungle Jim's Soi Cowboy

    Jungle Jim’s - Soi Cowboy

The Lighthouse is another cool bar to ride out a downpour. Here they have the hottest butts within Soi Cowboy. I mentioned a few weeks ago at how hot some of these dancers are, firm, firm, firm therefore if you are up for a bit of company then the Lighthouse Agogo Bar is where you’d want to get stuck.

For the ladyboy lovers then I still think the Five Star Bar outside bar is the best bet as the ladyboys appear more laid back. Sahara and the Midnite Bar both have more than a handful of ladyboys mixed in with the women just now. You’d want to be cashed up though. Don't forget, Black Dress = Ladyboy. The Cockatoo Bar would be the ladyboy version of the Toy Bar, a feeding frenzy.

For the unfortunate few who cant get into Soi Cowboy and don't want to get their feet wet then all is not lost. Crazy House Bangkok located within Sukhumvit Soi 23 near the entrance to Soi Cowboy is the place be. This is where I found myself on day this week when the entrance to Soi Cowboy was blocked. Crazy House was packed downstairs, the dancers looked so good naked up on the dance floor but alas it was too packed therefore I headed up stairs. I learnt a valuable lesson up stairs and that is: If you want to spend some decent time with one of the dancers without eyes gawking at you then head upstairs where it’s a bit darker and less crowded. There was some heavy action that I hadn’t witnessed before here in Bangkok. A couple of guys had the time of their lives.

At Nana Plaza this week I finally went into Rainbow 4 and they were packed as was the dance floor which does take away from the visual as the dancers cant let loose. They have some very cool chicks within the bar but for me I was more interested in the waitresses, some are hot but more importantly they have a personality. Nothing fake about these women just ripe for the picking for any expats with balls. Tourists wouldn’t stand a chance since it would take a bit of time to gain their trust.

The Twister Bar is kicking along just nicely with plenty of women inside that are up for some fun, no wonder they’re getting a decent crowd in these days. Candy Land 2 is copying Spanky’s big time with the use of the foam tubing, giving whoever walks by a good thrashing. I had a quick look in and they were quiet. If they get a crowd I’ll go inside. I found it a real downer last time at Candy Land 2, being pestered constantly by the lone ladyboy present.

Jail Birdz Nana Plaza

Jail Birdz - Nana Plaza

Jail Birdz as we know it will soon to be no more. They had a bit of a party on Thursday night with one of the new owners present. Renovations are underway to transform Jail Birdz into a more classy looking bar with a new name. I’m looking forward to seeing the final product as what I learned on Thursday night it all sounds impressive.

The Ladyboys from Casanova Bar on the middle floor are coming a bit more brazen as people walk-by. Normally I get a shake of the hand with the customary‘where you go?’ Or a slap on the ass but this time I got the groin grab not that I give a sh.t since they have breasts but I’m sure one day someone will, then we will see what happens.

A check of the Soi 4 beer bars and Morning Night appeared to be doing the best. I have found the Morning Night bar along with Hillary 4 to be the best beer bars especially if you want a bargirl for some fun. Hooters also is a cool bar minus the bargirls. This is where I go if I don't want to have a drink in peace, you don't need talk to any f.cker here.

At Patpong I noticed a few bar closures Kiss Bar had a sign on the front door “Go To Superstar”. Radio City is now closed which I thought it would the first time I ever went inside back when it was called The Den. The bar for me looked out of place in Patpong with the Night Market out front.

Just as I was walking past The Strip five guys were heading inside so hopefully they livened the place up. Patpong 2 seemed a bit subdued on Thursday night as did a few bars within Patpong 1. The Safari Bar was super quiet with no customers at around 10 pm. The Thigh Bar had a couple and even Kings Castle 2 had about 50% of the clientele that I usually see.

The bars that were doing ok were Kings Castle 1 and Kings Corner. I had a couple of drinks at the latter. Of the women dancing there were more than a few that looked worth hanging out with. No Agency dancers here, real Thai women with personality's. The dancers cycle through ever 15 minutes from women to post-op ladyboys. I asked the chick I was hanging out with ‘they are ladyboys right?’ She said ‘No, they’re a lady’. So now I get it, once they get the chop then the boy gets chopped off the name ladyboy as well, easy.

I hit Soi Cowboy on Friday night and found here to be the busiest of Bangkok's three main Red Light Districts. The Lighthouse keeps on delivering, here you will find women you actually want to spend some time with. The below picture is my view from the Afterskool outside bar. The Spice Girls looked mighty fine on Friday night. It’s just a pity that they cant be barfined. This will make for an expensive night out if you decide to party with them within the bar.

Spice Girls - Soi Cowboy Bangkok

Spice Girls Soi Cowboy

I then headed inside the Afterskool Bar for a drink just to cool down thinking I might get left alone but that wasn't going to happen. I had 3 bargirls all over me within a minute of entering. It took 10 min's to get that number down to one. It all ended up worth it as there was a guy seated way in the back LHS corner, you could see him from his chest up and he’s looking around a bit sheepishly. I know that's were the hand jobs are performed therefore you will usually see a bargirl with a bit of a strained look on her face cuddling up to him. I could see no one which made it all look a bit confusing. What's he up to?

After about 5 min's I saw a head pop-up FFS. I don't know how guys can hack it, do their load when there is dickheads like me looking over. I asked my new buddy how much is it over in the corner? She said ‘1000฿ for a blow job, 700฿ for a hand job..YOU WANT?’.. No Thanks.