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Multi Entry

The new Multi Entry Tourist Visa is blessing in disguise. Now if you are based in Thailand you can come and go as many times as you please. The visa is valid for 6 months and every time you enter back into Thailand you will receive a 60 day stamp meaning that if you plan your last entry right then you should end up with just over 7 months. In the past they had a 6 months triple entry (3 x 60 day stamps) meaning if you exited Thailand early you would lose the days you hadn't used on you 60 day stamp. I will admit feeling slightly trapped on the old visa not being able to come and go as I pleased. I found myself waiting for the 60 days to be nearly up before making any plans. Now if I feel like heading to Vietnam I can leave whenever the mood takes me.

Rawhide Bangkok

Rawhide Dancers - Soi Cowboy

Although I’m Australian I picked up my latest tourist visa within the UK at a cost of £125 which is up on the previous triple entry visa which cost £75. The rules are a bit stricter so you’d need to be organized if you are in a foreign country trying to obtain a multi entry visa. First up, in the UK you need show that you have no less than £5,000 in a UK bank account or if you have a Thai Bank account then no less than 200,000฿. In Australia the amount is $10,000 therefore you will need check at your local Thai Embassy to find out the amount in you country.

I have read on one forum people complaining that they don't have this amount in their bank account. In reality you should have that amount sitting in an account if you are planning a 6 months holiday. I do think Thailand has got this right. The next requirement which did throw me into a bit of panic for a second is when I had to show my booked accommodation. After thinking for a second I thought that's a bit rough. Luckily I own a Condo therefore this will be easy. At the Thai Consulate they wanted to see an electric bill or water bill in my name. By pure fluke I had a water bill still in my wallet that I paid the day that I left Bangkok.

I’m pretty sure the last requirement isn’t needed as a check on the Melbourne Thai Consulate website they are only interested in the money in your bank account but you better take along your last bill just in case they want to see it. You don't need have a return ticket on this visa.

Going through Immigration is a breeze, my passport is full with stamps of comings and goings over the past 4 years and the Immigration officers didn't even bat at an eye lid in my direction. The last time a came in on a 30 day exemption stamp earlier this year the Immigration officer had a good look through my passport and looked back up at me on more than one occasion. I was sure 20 questions were coming but thankfully she stamped the passport. I knew inside I better not use that method for a while.

I bet a few people were hoping for a different spin on the title Multi Entry. Here's a tip, hit the beer bars where you should be guaranteed multiple entry's with one barfine. Just be a good guy and treat her nice.

This week at Nana Plaza I had a drink at several bars but not Rainbow 4 as the dancers still had their tops on, I hope to get lucky soon. I finally had a few drinks in the Twister Bar and was pleasantly surprised at the quality of dancers. The Twister Bar is a good addition to Nana Plaza.

Bangkok Bunnies Nana Plaza

Bangkok Bunnies - Nana Plaza

At Bangkok Bunnies you can get lucky if you walk in and the A-team are dancing (My A-team). There is a group of about 5 dancers that look outstanding on the dance floor. I didn’t move from my seat for about 20 min's, these chicks really do get into it.

Jail Birdz is looking good with plenty of dancers who are set up well on the dance floors. A good spot to sit is near the elevated cell in the middle, just sit close and look up, cool. Rainbow 3 was quiet on Friday night, it might be a bit harder get a crowd in now that they are sandwiched between two ladyboy bars.

Casanovas bar has been quiet when I go by, there are usually several ladyboys out front with not much action going on. That cant be said about DC 10, this is one ladyboy bar that does get busy even when the others are quiet.

Billboard Agogo Bar is going strong. I was lucky enough to see their show this Friday night. The music is perfect AC/DC and the way the girls performed the splits it really did look sore. Throwing themselves hard down on the rotating dance floor into the splits position. It was so impressive that I took my eyes off the chicks in the Jacuzzi.

Stumble Inn is finally manning up in regards to the bands that are performing. This Friday night I could hear hard rock blasting out as I walked along Soi 4. This is what I would expect from a bar so close to the entrance of Nana Plaza.

At Soi Cowboy I was inside Baccara a bit too early therefore it wasn't packed as usual. They had a guy near the entrance holding a sign saying buy a drink out front before entering. Although it doesn't bother me, I do wonder what their thinking is in bringing in this rule? Baccara is a very cool bar and well worth a visit inside.

The Shark Bar has more than a few cool looking bargirls in their outside bar all in white dresses. I was tempted for a second, being so hungry had I stopped for a drink it would have gone straight to my head.

I spent some time inside Rawhide, the dancers are up for a good time. Time does fly when you’re having fun. Enough said. I deliberately by-passed the Toy Bar as I would get stuck inside.

I was in Patpong this week whilst it was raining. This gives you a chance to see which bar can still get a crowd when it is wet. The Thigh Bar was doing okay, there were three English tourist inside who were in full party mode which means only one thing, I’m out of there. At least they were have fun.

Superstars had ten customers inside its a pity this bar is so big. Ever since Goldfingers closed you can find some of the staff and dancers inside Superstars. I’m quite friendly with more than a few of the former Goldfingers staff, which makes for a hard spot to pass as someone usually wants to have a chat.

Kings Castle 1 was the busiest bar in all of Patpong. It’s obvious why, they are very tourist friendly as is Kings Castle 2. A walk past The Strip talk about quiet. Club Electric Blue was doing ok. One thing I do like about Electric Blue, is that you can get a cheap draught beer. I do get sick of drinking out of a bottle now and again.

One criteria that I am very strong on when looking at any bar and that is ‘how tourist friendly the bar is’. Tourists shouldn’t be put in a bad position when dealing with the women like what happened in last Weeks Column.

I did go into to The Strip a few nights later on a Friday just to talk about what had happened, but sadly no one showed any interest so I left after about 5 minutes.

After that reality set in and I decided the story had to be told. I really couldn’t let it slide. How bad would it be if a reader of this website was on a trip to Bangkok then encountered the same problem Fred had in the end.

For some reason there is backward thinking at The Strip over advertising. They think they are supporting the website. No!!! They are paying to gain access to the readers of this website with a banner, nothing more.

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