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Soi Cowboy Bangkok

Weekly Column

2016 GoGo Bars

2016 was an interesting year for Bangkok’s gogo bars. The emergence of several new bars at Nana Plaza has been a big positive in the second half of the year. The most interesting for me was the Twister Bar located within the old Rainbow 4 location. This bar is loud and raw which is right up my alley just grab a stool and before long you could holding onto one of the dancers just thinking ‘this is sh.t hot’.

Bangkok Bunnies was sold and went from a top bar to a shocker in such a short time. Then out of nowhere Bangkok Bunnies was back!!! Acquired again by the original owner it took a bit of time to get the dancer numbers back to their previous levels but when they did … WOW! Bangkok Bunnies gave me my biggest wow moment of the year. The bar was packed, the dance floors were packed and the atmosphere this night was electric… visually the bar looked stunning in full swing with some of the hottest gogo dancers within Nana Plaza.

Diamonds Bangkok is one negative with the confusion in regard to post-op ladyboys working inside. You are told ‘only women inside’… maybe in their mind they’re women. The majority are women but when you know there is a post-op ladyboy in the mix, you just never know.

Billboard Agogo had the WOW factor when it came to their Jacuzzi. It just gets better and really is a must see on any trip to Nana Plaza. So many times that I had a quick look inside, the Jacuzzi/Shower was packed with dancers and customers surrounding all the action. You wont forget your time inside Billboard just get a seat around the Jacuzzi.

Jail Birdz went from a bar that hardly had a customer inside to a bar that was starting to make a mark. The arse fell out and they were closed for a few weeks after problems with the rent. They re-opened and the customers didn’t return. Luckily they were sold and after a few months of renovations we have a new bar!! Butterflies has emerged as a bar where you can have an excellent night out. Butterflies is well managed and has a very good group of dancers.

Bangkok Bunnies Dancers

Bangkok Bunnies GoGo Bar - Nana Plaza

Rainbow 5 is where the majority of Japanese visitors head when they visit Nana Plaza and if they go to Soi Cowboy then it’s Baccara. The Japanese know what they like when it comes to women. Rainbow 1 is heading in the right direction and is now worth going inside. Rainbow 3 is a bar I like as they’re raw like the Twister Bar but unfortunately they are sandwiched between 2 ladyboy bars therefore they do find it hard to attract a decent crowd… no crowd = no atmosphere.

If ladyboys are your passion then DC 10 appears to be a lively smaller bar where you could have a good night out. True Obsession is the busiest of the ladyboy bars within Nana Plaza.

Spanky’s is a busy bar it’s just a pity that they aren't bigger. They have a prime location on the middle floor and must be doing things right since they have no trouble attracting customers.

Soi Cowboy mainly stayed unchanged (except for when the lights were out during the mourning period within Thailand) but what did changed was for the better. Rawhide and Lucky Star dancers are now stationed out front their respective bars in bikinis. Compared to 2015 where they had no dancers out front you just felt the bars were quiet. Now you feel the opposite.

The Five Star Bar made the riskiest move of any bar by having ladyboys working within the outside bar and women working inside where the live band knocks out some pretty decent songs. The whole set-up surprisingly works. The Corner Bar is another bar that has improved in the last few months of the year. Just by introducing several new bargirls this has freshened the bar up to somewhere that you wouldn't mind hanging out.

Country Road is a busy bar with a live band but it just isn’t my scene. The demographic is now leaning towards the already retired. Therefore if you’re retired then head to the Country Road Bar. This could be your bar!

Jungle Jim’s went a bit stale for me since there hasn’t been a change in the bargirls working inside for a while. Once you know them well then it does make it hard to let loose. That’s where Fanny’s Bar came in as they had did have several new faces which makes for a good night out. You just need liven these chicks up.

The Lighthouse GoGo area is more than worth a look. You will find a dancer or two that you just think ‘I just got to bang her’ therefore if your plan for the night is to barfine someone then head on into the Lighthouse as you may be missing out big time!!

The Dollhouse is at a crossroads…. They have the name, the infrastructure, the location but they need utilize all their assets and that chrome pole out front is a major asset. It erks me so much walking by and it’s not in use. I’m guessing it’s all to do with dancer numbers. If that's the case then it’s time to increase their numbers. My mantra for the Dollhouse is if there is no dancer hanging of that chrome pole out front the I just don't go in. The Dollhouse is one of my favorite bars and I'm hoping that in 2017 they are back on track.

At Patpong you can have a wild night out at several bars. Here I’m talking not just going out to watch the gogo dancers on stage. Kings Castle 2 and Kings Corner are so good if you take a liking to one of the dancers, you just know you’re going to have a blast if you barfine one of these chicks. The Thigh Bar although quiet at times is always worth a look inside if you plan on hanging out with one of the dancers … these chicks really know how to grind.

Electric Blue and Bada Bing located opposite each other are always worth a look. Bada Bing has a very good rotation of gogo dancers which makes for a good night out. Electric Blue has a totally different feel … more rough but in a good way. Here you can drink a draught beer and you will see some of the best asses in Patpong.

Patpong 2 has a couple of poor bars that are not worth a look for tourists. Being either raided by the police or are poorly managed. Just stick to the list below and you wont have any problems.

Advertising went a bit sideways this year by letting a few bars advertise that really weren't up to it. They huffed and puffed trying to come out of the shadows of the best bars but ultimately failed in their efforts due to poor management. That was a lesson learnt! Now only bars that I know that are at the top of their game or it’s obvious to every man and his dog that they’re traveling in the right direction will I pursue for advertising.

Here's a list for inexperienced visitors of the best Tourist Friendly GoGo Bars that I have found leading into 2017. Listed in no particular order. Stick to these bars and your holiday should be stress free. This is not to say that you wont have a good time in any bar not listed. If I haven’t reviewed them then I just don’t know. Be aware of who or how many people you’re buying drinks for. Then your night out should go smoothly.

Soi Cowboy

Toy Bar



Shark Bar

Jungle Jim’s

Moonshine Joint




Suzie Wongs


Lucky Star

Crazy House (Soi 23)


Kings Castle 1

Bada Bing

Thigh Bar

Kings Corner

Kings Castle 2

Electric Blue

Pink Panther

Nana Plaza


Bangkok Bunnies

Twister Bar


Enter Bar

Mandarin Tabletop Dancing


Rainbow 5

Rainbow 1

Mandarin Bar




Palace Agogo

Happy Agogo








Living Dolls 1

Windmill Club