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2016 GoGo Bars

2016 was an interesting year for Bangkok’s gogo bars. The emergence of several new bars at Nana Plaza has been a big positive in the second half of the year. The most interesting for me was the Twister Bar located within the old Rainbow 4 location. This bar is loud and Raw! Which is right up my alley just grab a stool and before long you could holding onto one of the dancers just thinking ‘this is sh.t hot’.

Bangkok Bunnies was sold and went from a top bar to a shocker in such a short time. Then out of nowhere Bangkok Bunnies was back!!! Acquired again by the original owner it took a bit of time to get the dancer numbers back to their previous levels but when they did … WOW! Bangkok Bunnies gave me my biggest wow moment of the year. The bar was packed, the dance floors were packed and the atmosphere this night was electric… visually the bar looked stunning in full swing with some of the hottest gogo dancers within Nana Plaza ……

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