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Boys Keep Swinging

When I first encountered ladyboys at Nana Plaza they weren't swinging with the big boys everything was tucked away out of sight. Now I have noticed a bit of a trend as some of the bigger ladyboys make no attempt to hide their manhood which is in plain sight through their bikinis. I can remember the first ladyboy bars that I ever reviewed and trying hard to pick a dancer that I was convinced was a woman to sit and have a chat. Firstly they had to look like a woman in height and figure next was the all important no sign of any male parts in the bikini area then lastly no sign of a sack of marbles hanging out the back. So many ladyboys would fail on the last requirement.

DC10 Bar Nana Plaza

DC10 Ladyboy Bar

I will admit to being really surprised on one occasions talking to a dancer at Charades that in fact she was a ladyboy and amazingly hadn't had the chop. It must be harder for the bigger ladyboys, a bit of effort in that area wouldn't go astray especially if they are going to be standing out front of their bar. This week as I was heading down the stairs and saw several dancers from the Chili Bar from behind. I did think, are they women? I got my answer as I walked past and turned for a look. As plain as day there is a sausage hanging in those oversized bikinis.

There are still plenty of smaller feminine looking ladyboys around. There must be a bit of demand for the bigger ladyboys with the increase and the way they display their package, just giving the customers what they are after. FFS. Check out the pic on the Charades page of the ladyboy about to sit down, no duct tape there.

Straps GoGo Bar at Nana Plaza has mainly post-op ladyboys if not all which makes for an interesting dilemma. I have talked to several ladyboys who have had the chop and have asked tactfully: Do you consider yourself a ladyboy or are you now a woman? The ones that I talked to all consider themselves a woman. Therefore if they believe it then they may not admit that they were a male.

The Five Star Bar at Soi Cowboy have had ladyboys in their outside bar for several weeks now and I have been told they are post-op. As you can see by the picture bellow the one seated in the purple pants has had the works.

Soi Cowboy Bangkok

Five Star Bar Ladyboys

The other two on the LHS look pretty good for ladyboys. They do look a lot better in their regular clothes rather than the bikinis they wear at ladyboy gogo bars.. All I was looking at when taking this picture was the chicks in the bikinis up near the Toy Bar, it’s not hard to guess where I was heading.

There has been an increase in the ladyboys within Soi Cowboy. I counted six out front Sahara and three at the Midnite gogo bar. It’s only when you hit the Cockatoo Bar that you encounter the bikini clad ladyboys, at least here they do a good job tucking themselves in. Not like at Nana Plaza where the ‘Boys Keep Swinging’.

The rain disturb me early in the week whilst at Nana Plaza. One of the best bars for a long time if you just wanted to walk in and barfine a dancer early was the Chili Bar, as already mentioned they are now a full blown ladyboy bar.

So where to now? And the winner is…………….Jail Birdz GoGo Bar, with the bar being a bit quiet just now, you get to take your pick of the best they have. They do have plenty of sexy dancers who are way better than the bargirls that are getting barfined along Soi 4. Do yourself a favor and stop and think for a second before committing yourself to a chick with a jelly belly, just head up to the top floor of Nana Plaza first. A few people might like the older jelly belly's then just hang out at the K&S Bar.

Hillary 4 has been on a roll with me lately as every time I pass or head in lately they have been playing my type of music. I don't know if it’s just coincidence, they couldn't be playing The Rolling Stones 24/7. Of the beer bars along Soi 4 I do think they are the best just now not just for the music they are playing but the atmosphere is good, as are some of their bargirls. You will have to be in early to hang out with their best or just take my advise about Jail Birdz.

At Stumble Inn I have noticed an improvement in their live music. On Monday night the band playing was so much better than the one man band that played the nights I was in a few months ago.

The best bars at Nana Plaza seem to stand tall no matter the weather conditions. It was pissing down early in Bangkok when I headed into Nana Plaza. Bangkok Bunnies outside bar was almost full and when I headed up to the top floor Billboard was packed as usual. Rainbow 4 is now starting to hit top gear as their numbers of dancers are increasing. When I went by the dancers were topless and the bar was about 70% full with mainly Japanese customers. The Twister Bar next door appears to be doing ok now. I will still give them a couple of more weeks before heading inside to review the bar.

The Dollhouse Agogo Bar

The Dollhouse - Soi Cowboy

As I mentioned in last weeks column The Dollhouse Agogo Bar was holding a dance contest on Friday night. Anyone that was in Bangkok and didn't attend missed out big time. I was there for the first two rounds and was blown away by some of the action early on. I have seen chicks do lesbian routines before but one group of dancers really took it to a new level. I always learn something new at these events and this time it was how flexible a double ended d.ldo is, FFS. I thought it would have been more rigid.

I had a few drinks at Jungle Jim's who were fairly busy this week. The bargirls had hit the jackpot, there was one guy buying drinks for all of them. I had a look at his bill cup and have never seen one so jam packed.

I stopped to take a picture of the dancers at Rawhide (who looked sh.t hot) therefore I was standing amongst the ladyboys at the Five Star Bar they are defiantly different than the other ladyboys within Soi Cowboy, more laid back and not pushy.

At Patpong this Thursday night I was at The Strip for a couple of drinks. I don't know why but every time I go in now there has been a couple of news dancers that are on the top of my list for chicks you just got to barfine. F…me if I was on holiday there would be no stopping this. I would have them out of the bar so quick.

Last week I was a bit negative towards the Bada Bing synchronized dancing video on Facebook. Now just to show how good it can be a new video went up this week. Bada Bing might be onto something. All we need now is for any guy who is after a double act to go in and barfine both these chicks.  You can see the video here.

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