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Tourist Friendly

Just a week before the scheduled reopening of King’s Castle 1 I thought there is no way they would be ready to open their doors on Friday April 27. Kings Castle had been completely gutted in February, as was the beer bar next door giving the gogo bar 50% more space. When I first started reviewing bars, Patpong didn’t even get a look in until I had completed most of Nana Plaza and would have been well into it at Soi Cowboy. The reason being was the touts trying to get unsuspecting tourists to get a massage or go and see a ping pong show. It wasn’t until I became more street savvy with dealing with the approaches of touts that I felt comfortable heading to Patpong. Now I don’t give a shit plus the majority of touts have seen me so much that I’m left alone. This means I get to see how good Patpong can be. You’ve just got to be street smart then you will be free to enjoy Patpong.

King's Castle 1 Patpong

King’s Castle 1 Patpong | Opening Night

I have heard a few people say that King’s Castle 1 never closed since a sign popped up over “The Club” in Patpong HA HA. I can see their thinking but Nah! …  That don’t work. They could have called it anything since it’s a different bar. The gogo bar has only one location and that was stripped back and gutted. Thanks to the staff/manager at King’s Castle 1 who gave access to show the timeline of the renovations. You can see a Timeline Video of the closed King’s Castle 1 on this websites YouTube Channel … King’s Castle 1 Patpong 2018.

To this day I still maintain that King’s Castle 1 is the most tourist friendly gogo bar within Bangkok. I was shocked on my first visit to King’s Castle 1 with how well run the bar is in all areas. I have reviewed more than a few bars where you really had to be firm with the word … No! All it needs is one bad apple within a bar to drag a gogo bar into the “not tourist friendly” region. It’s not my job to say to a manager “your bars shit because that f.cker over there is pestering the customers for drinks on the sly.”  If the managers not there then they don’t do it on the sly, it’s full steam ahead. I find one of the worst offending bars is the Mandarin Table Top Dancing at Nana Plaza. My experiences there are, if you get a dancer over for a drink then she will actively try and get a drink for a friend. You do get this at other bars but it feels passive but at the Mandarin Bar it feels pushy. If you stick with one dancer then the Mamasan will try on more than one occasion to get a drink … That ain't tourist friendly at all. This is an easy fix for any bar … If they want to fix it that is.

King's Castle Patpong

King’s Castle 1 Gogo Dancer

Another bar which did have problems in that area was the now closed Club Electric Blue. I gave them a wide berth in the early days when at Patpong. My first couple of visits inside I was hassled by an older woman who wouldn't leave it alone trying to get a drink. She would even write the price of a lady drink on a napkin and hand it to me after her verbal efforts had failed. This was all early in the piece therefore I was pretty irked which meant only onething … They got a sh.t review. I did like what I had seen on the dance floor but that was all irrelevant as the whole experience had been wrecked by one person on more than one occasion. All the gogo bars that advertise on this website are tourist friendly, which isn’t by accident.

The entrance to Soi Cowboy doesn’t look too appealing with the Country Road Bar being gutted for renovations. It’s interesting to see the balcony of the floor above which has been out of sight for many a year. Things were a bit subdued as I entered Soi Cowboy on Thursday night as the police had converged on the Five Star Bar. There were a couple of dancers who both looked mid 20’s that seemed to be the center of attention. This all meant that the Rawhide dancers weren't out front as I passed. The Déjà Vu dancers were hanging as far away from the Five Star Bar. I’m not sure if Fanny’s Bar is going the whole hog with having older dancers. I was going to head in for a look but for a couple of older dancers out front that had locked on to me as I approached. I’m guessing 40-45 yrs … It ain’t happening.

The Kiss Bar had a good group of gogo dancers standing within Soi Cowboy. The bars close-by will have trouble trying to compete with these chicks. One bar that can is the Cowboy 2 Gogo Bar  when and if their A-team come out front. I had a good long look at the lone dancer in a Tartan Skirt from Cowboy 2. Nice figure, large breasts and their face has had some work. Ladyboy or not? The all important giveaway is when you look too long at a dancer. If they then cover their groin (she did) which can mean … They have a penis or at least had one.

Country Road Bar Soi Cowboy

The Country Road Bar Renovations

I had a quick look inside The Dollhouse gogo area and they were busy. You could definitely feel a party like atmosphere as you entered. The Dollhouse is another of my favorite tourist friendly gogo bars. The Moonshine Joint and Jungle Jim’s are also tourist friendly. Here you get more of a beer bar feel. You can hangout front with one of the bargirls before heading inside if you want some action. At these two bars you can have a bit of fun on a budget.

At Nana Plaza on Thursday night I found several bars to be really cooking. It’s of no surprise that they’re all in the tourist friendly bracket. The Rainbow Bar is benefiting from their recent renovations as they were busier than I have seen in a long time. Playskool had a herd of customers male and female entering just as I was passing. They were in for a big night out. Bangkok Bunnies was busy which is becoming the norm. Once you land at Bangkok Bunnies and you are up for some action then there is no reason to leave. Lollipop was also doing okay. Being a mixed bar choose your team early that way you’ll give the ladyboys a fighting chance. You don’t want them wasting time giving you eye contact if you’re not interested. Just stare at the women for a minute or so, then the ladyboys wont look in your direction again. If you’re into ladyboys then you’ll be in for some attention.

Spanky’s was down a bit for them albeit many a bar would would want their numbers. Both Angelwitch and Sexy Night can both knock out a set list of songs that’ll keep you inside. Sexy Night was surprisingly busy. The Twister Bar was full, on and off of the dance floor. Here you get a real bar feel. Billboard on the top floor of Nana Plaza was packed to the max. Make sure you party with one of the dancers as it’s something you wont forget for a long time. This goes for all the bars. It can feel a bit surreal at times.