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Three’s A Crowd

I’m all for people giving it a go when it comes to any business adventure but when it’s broke, take a step back then you might be able to see where you’re going wrong. Last week I headed to Saphan Taksin and jumped on the ferry (15 Baht) to spend some time within Khao San Road. The picture below is looking back towards Saphan Taksin which is just around the bend. Riveting sh.t this but for the fact that I’m hanging with a friend of mine who the night before barfined a bargirl from Soi 4 Nana. His first words to me when we met up this afternoon was … “What a great!” When I first saw her I just thought “Oh nice tits.” She looked sh.t hot in her regular clothes and they both looked like a good match. What I’m really trying to say is “She didn’t look like a bargirl!”

Chao Phraya River Bangkok

Chao Phraya River

Three’s a crowd when you’re hanging with a woman. The plan for tonight is to have a bite to eat within Soi Rambuttri then we will part our ways. Soi Rambuttri is getting better every time I go there. For me it’s all about having a decent meal and being able to relax in the process. No excessive loud music or the occasional freak you spot within Khao San Road. I’m talking Western freaks. I’ll get to that soon. Normally when I’m with a bargirl I will be pumping her for stories of the guys she’s been with. These two are acting like a real couple therefore I keep our conversations clean since I didn’t pay the barfine. Onething a Thai woman can do when they are out on a date is eat. They always seen to order that extra dish where you just hope there is no more food on the way. It’s best to let them order as you will end up with some dishes that you would never dream of ordering, and they are good.

Visually Soi Rambuttri has it over Khao San Road. If you travel down there with a chick on your arm then you’re in for a good night. Eat, drink and be merry then it’s back to your hotel room for a bit of a romp … Good times! Not eat, drink, drink, drink then be a limp dick … Loser! … Women like a good bang. Just ask the ladyboys below … Shhhit!

Lucky Beer Khao San Road Bangkok

Lucky Beer Ladyboys | Khao San Road

Last time I was at Khao San Road the Lucky Beer Bar was a popular location to have a drink as was the Center Khao San Bar opposite which at that time was packed. This time the Lucky Beer Bar was mildly busy and the Center Khao San Bar was void of customers. It really was obvious to every man and his dog, drunk or sober why the bar wasn’t attracting customers. They had music belting out so hard that no one with a brain would dare take a seat. This has to be stupidity or just an experiment gone wrong. Like I said earlier it’s okay and even smart to try something new but when you see it doesn’t work, it’s best to fix it quick. This was a Thursday night so hopefully they realized that music that loud doesn’t work in an open aired beer bar. To put it in perspective there is no way you could have a conversation with anyone.

One interesting point is that I found the Khao San Road Market to be cheaper than at the Patpong Night Market. Clothing was around 15% cheaper. If you’re proficient at bartering when at Patpong then you should be able to get the price down to match that at Khao San Road. The problem is that you don’t know the price differential unless you go to both locations. Therefore just barter harder at Patpong.

Here’s stupidity to the max! A Western guy who at a glance would spend most his life in a gym injecting steroids. Alcohol and steroids don’t mix so here he is cruising along Khao San Road growling and screaming at passersby male or female. Most people moved out his way due to his size and apparent rage. With a bit of luck he will get in the wrong persons face and then it will be game over. I have never seen this when visiting the likes of Patpong, Soi Cowboy or Nana Plaza.

Picture this I’m standing near the Butterflies Gogo Bar on the top floor of Nana Plaza at around 11 pm. Three Japanese Guys wonder over as two are franticly searching their mobile phones. The biggest one decides to talk in English and asks “do I know which bars are the best?” … HA HA well me stupid here we go. They pointed over to a bar that I actually do like but I let them all know “Nah it’s crap!” This is were advertising kicks in. The only gogo bars I recommend to anyone verbally when I’m out and about are the ones that advertise on this website. Except when I’m at Patpong I tell it as it is. To these guys I’m just a tourist that seems to know what I am talking about. I asked “do you guys want to get laid?” One guy is as sheepish as … He’s busting to get laid tonight but doesn't want to take someone back to his hotel room. I then said “you do know they have short time hotels here within Nana Plaza?” Of course the answer is “No.” This guys face lit up like a neon sign when I let him know that they do. More importantly there is one right near where we are standing next to Butterflies. I gave then the rundown on how to go from barfining a dancer from a bar to be banging her in one of the short time hotels.

All three went into Butterflies on a mission and that is to get this guy a woman. Around an hour later I bumped into two of the guys heading to the ground floor of Nana Plaza. They let me know that the guy who was busting to get laid was in fact inside the hotel next to Butterflies doing just that. The other 2 are on their way to Bangkok Bunnies to give them a try. These two want to take the women back to their hotel rooms since they aren’t as shy as the other guy. I’m guessing they are liking my recommendations since they are bowing as we part our ways. I reminded them not to forget about Billboard Gogo Bar for tomorrow night. Mmmm they’re still bowing. One point I need mention is that they wanted nothing to do with ladyboys. For some reason they were under the impression that every bar within Nana Plaza had ladyboys present. That’s one reason why they hadn’t entered any of the bars.

Shark Bar Patpong

Shark Bar Patpong

It was of no surprise that the Terrace Bar by Shark was all boarded up. In less than six months this all went from a bad idea in this location to the ultimate outcome … Closure! Patpong is a different beast to both Soi Cowboy and Nana Plaza therefore if you don’t understand that then you will fail. I can’t imagine anyone in good faith recommending this location in the first place. Maybe something along the lines of a 7/11 could thrive, that’s it. All said and done people learn from doing something. You just have to know why it didn't succeed and take what you have learnt to your next project. Be Smart!

Well we aren’t getting a 7/11 but an Irish Pub named Shenanigans. They have multiple positions vacant therefore if you’re after a job in Bangkok then just head on down to Patpong where they have all the details of how to apply on a sign. Here’s hoping Shenanigans is a hit since I don’t mind a good Irish Pub. (For the food).

I found both Soi Cowboy and Nana Plaza to be busier this week than last. Nothing has changed with who’s busy and who is not over the last month. If you’re a regular reader then you’ll know who. New readers just go back and read the previous few weeks posts to get an idea.