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Songkran 2016

Songkran is a festival celebrating the traditional Thai New Year, held in April and marked by the throwing of water. This is my 4th Songkran but it’s the first time I have headed to the bars. I already knew that so many of dancers / bargirls go back home during this period, making it a good time to have a rest from the bars, unless you’re on holiday of coarse, then it’s get in there.

On Wednesday I passed Sukhumvit Soi 4 and could see it was pretty lively at around 4pm, plenty of water being thrown and guys with their cheap water guns. I didn’t go in since I was on my way to Terminal 21 at Asok for a bite to eat. Songkran can be a lot of fun if you’re prepared in having your valuables in a waterproof bag.

I have done the Siam Square gig where you can spend hours, it’s an alcohol free zone. You really will get soaked and if you need get the skytrain home then you will freeze in the air conditioning. I have also spent Songkran in the outer suburbs of Bangkok, this can take a bit getting used to since there is alcohol involved but it’s all good natured fun.

Nana Plaza Songkran 2016

Nana Plaza Ground Floor - Songkran 2016

So what was I expecting when I hit Nana Plaza on Wednesday night? Hot chicks and more hot chicks with wet t-shirts and no bra’s. Now is that too much to ask for? FFS. I’ve seen pictures. Have a look at the picture above and see what I got. Pissed Thai guys with no t-shirts, how they let this happen it’s beyond belief.

It really was a fluke that there was a couple of semi decent chicks in the picture, the pickings are thin on the ground floor of Nana Plaza, at least Playskool had the sense to close tonight for Songkran.

On the middle floor of Nana Plaza Spanky’s, Mercury, Chili & Erotica were all closed but Angelwitch, Sexy Night, Mandarin, Candy Land 2 & all the ladyboy bars were open. The middle floor of Nana Plaza was so uninviting near Angelwitch, as you had another group of Thai males seeing if they can build the great wall of China with empty beer bottles, drinking them first of coarse. The picture below was taken at 9 pm, you could only imagine how pissed these guys were already.

Nana Plaza Songkran 2016

Nana Plaza Middle Floor - Songkran 2016

The top floor of Nana Plaza was safe with Billboards, Charades & Jail Birdz all open making this the floor to be during Songkran, at least there is something for everyone on the top floor. It isn't all doom and gloom but it wasn't what I expected.

Soi 4 looked wet and everything appeared back to normal with people sitting inside the bars, no hot chicks in a t-shirt braless. I’ll say it again I've seen photos, so where are they?

I arrived at Soi Cowboy around 10:30 pm. I usually enter via the Country Road end but would have got soaked as there were a couple of guys partying with several bargirls, water was flying everywhere. After a quick detour around to Sukhumvit 23 where there is no sign of any water being thrown. I couldn't just walk past Crazy House tonight since I haven't even seen one nipple so far. I go in for one drink and all I see is, naked chicks, naked chicks, naked chicks …. Okay make that two drinks.

All the bars were open except the Rio Club. Soi Cowboy had a good vibe as there were plenty of tourists cruising along the Soi, some had kids around the 10 yrs age group with water guns and were taking aim at whoever they thought being worthy of getting wet. The fear in the ladyboys faces at the Cockatoo Bar was worth seeing as they ran inside their bar when they spotted a group of kids heading in their direction with water guns, show no mercy.

I went back to Soi Cowboy early on Friday Night. The biggest surprise was which bar was the place to be. It was Sam’s 2000 Bar and they were in full party mode, so packed that the crowd had spilled out onto the Soi. Thai music was belting out which is always a hit with all the tourists and locals. This is what everyone wants, genuine fun, not what transpired at Nana Plaza on Wednesday night.

Sam's 2000 Bar - Soi Cowboy

Sam’s 2000 Bar - Songkran 2016

I then headed to Nana Plaza and all the bars were open except Spanky’s, the drunks from the ground floor were gone but there was still a group up near Angelwitch. After a stroll around Nana Plaza it was obvious Billboards was the place to be with such a hot group of dancers you just got to go in. Jail Birdz was doing okay but had a rowdy bunch partying inside, they definitely looked like they have had a long day with the Songkran celebrations, I’m talking about the customers here.

I got stopped by one of the ladyboys from Casanovas and was struck by how polite she was, usually I just keep on walking but here I did stay for a brief chat. I had only walked about 10 meters then stopped out front DC10 which is another ladyboy bar. I thought they had reverted back to having women as the two dancers out front looked like chicks, after about 30 sec's of staring and slight confusion I came to the conclusion that they were in fact ladyboys. Which meant only one thing, time to leave.

I had a week off from Patpong since Silom Road is the last place I wanted to be during Songkran. It gets closed off from traffic making way for one big party that will be jammed packed with tourists, you will get wet here.