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Soi 4 Beer Bars

You can have a lot fun hitting the beer bars within Nana Soi 4. You just have to ask yourself what have you got planned for the evening beer, woman, game of pool, dine, live music or hang out with your mates…? Soi 4 has it all. Since for me it’s all about woman. I walked along Soi 4 checking out which beer bar looked like my best option for a night out. What I found was surprising.

These days I can spot a hardened bargirl a mile away. This is the last person that you would want to spend your evening with. It’s all just so fake. I had just entered Soi 4 when I heard the scream of ‘WELCOME’ coming from the Morning Night beer bar. Erkkkkk, too hardened… Which is a pity as within Morning Night they do have more than a few cool bargirls. With that scream I just kept on walking. Next up was Stumble Inn which is a bit of a favorite bar for the people that like to drink. Therefore Stumble Inn really isn’t my scene. I do know a couple of the bargirls who work at Stumble Inn. Both are pleasant enough for a chat but I wouldn't stump-up the price of a barfine for either of them.

BigDogs Is a cool older style bar were if you just want to chill then here is a good spot to hangout. If you’re lucky enough to get one of the seats on the corner then you will be entertained watching the Freelancers opposite. Bargirl wise no one grabbed my attention.

Melodies UK Bar - Nana Soi 4 Bangkok

Melodies UK - Bargirls

Now here comes a surprise the K&S Bar which for a long time has been so rowdy with the older bargirls in full work mode… laughing it up with their customer only for their face to drop as soon as he looks the other way. Then like a well oiled machine her face instantly springs back to life as soon as he turns back. You’ve got to learn how to spot this early in your travels. The best way to learn is watching other people it up.

Although the K&S Bar was quieter than the other beer bars I did notice a few bargirls that clearly looked like they hadn’t worked in the industry all that long. With the pool table vacant the K&S Bar was the first bar I thought yeah I could spend some time here. It’s all about the women.

At Hillary 4 you can play pool but that’s not for me tonight. Hillary 4 is a busy bar and another good spot to sit if you like to watch what is happening within Soi 4. Can I find a hot bargirl to hangout with? The answer is yes…. If you turn up early!! I find at Hillary 4 although they have some cool bargirls, someone else is already having a drink with the hottest or the best personality. Irk!

I bypass a couple of bars as it’s more about food or male bonding. Not gay bars but bars where males travel halfway around the world to sit and hang out with other males... F.mee. I wouldn’t mind it so much but there are no women inside. English pub might mean gay bar? I just don’t know. It’s not my scene. No women means… no go. I can always remember my first trip to Nana Soi 4 and seeing guys sitting in Chequers and thinking that's strange. Why would they do that? They don't look gay. Don’t they like women? Why come to Bangkok?

The next bar I looked at was Hillary 2 which is a bar with plenty of options. Here you can bring lets say the chick you have just barfined or a guy from one of the English Pubs and watch a live band… a bit of bonding before you head back to your hotel never hurt anyone.

Next up is the Swan Bar with a few pool tables and just a handful of bargirls, they were quiet. This can be a good thing at several other bars as you can get left alone by the bargirls once you have decided who to spend your time with. Here you will have no chance as more than one bargirl will want a drink.

The further you travel up Soi 4 everything peters out in regard to beer bars. It’s all a bit too far from the main attraction within Nana Soi 4 and that being Nana Plaza.

Heading back down towards Sukhumvit Rd Hanrahans Irish Bar is not a bad spot if you’re after a bite to eat, especially if you came to Bangkok with your partner (sucker). There are no bargirls present…. therefore I’m off to the next bar.

Melodies UK Bar - Nana Soi 4Now I arrive at the biggest surprise within Nana Soi 4. Melodies UK which is nothing special to look at from the outside or in. Here I found a group of bargirls that were genuinely up for a bit of fun. What else can you ask for?

If you want to be a bit shallow then good looks.

There were a couple that I was surprised to see working in a beer bar. They would have looked right at home dancing at a gogo bar

I had a quick look inside the 4 Bar next door and although they had bargirls inside I found they couldn’t compete with a handful of the bargirls next door at Melodies UK.

What's with the customers within the 4 Bar? They looked depressed! I’m sure it wont be like that most nights but f..mee these pricks aren’t having a good time.

Now to Hooters… sure there are no bargirls working inside but the waitresses are so hot!!! Making it normal for guys sitting around in a group. This I get!!… Here you can also sit by the railing watching the Freelancers in action plus you have a direct view of the entrance to Nana Plaza. If one of the waitresses takes a ride on the mechanical bull make sure you go over and watch, it’s something you wont forget for a while.

Hooters Bangkok

Hooters Nana Soi 4 - Waitress

The last bar to look at is Strikers Sports Pub. Here you can have a game of pool, watch sports on one of the many TV’s scattered around the bar or hang out with the bargirls. If one of the bargirls takes your eye then Strikers is a good spot to hang out. Thai women look so hot playing pool… If she gets into it you will have a good night out. But for me tonight I’m heading back to Melodies UK.

This just goes to show that a 45 min recon up and down Nana Soi 4 is time well spent. There was no way I would have ended up at an unassuming bar like Melodies UK as they have never been on my radar. You might be missing out big time on a pisser night out otherwise.

It all just depends what takes priority for you on any given night. If it’s more on having a few beers than hanging out with the bargirls then Stumble Inn is definitely a good start. Once you have had more than a few drinks I’m sure one of the many bargirls inside will make your night memorable in more ways than one.