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Soi Twilight - Bangkok

I spotted The Boys Bangkok sign one night several months ago which is located within Soi Twilight also known as Soi Pratuchai. I just knew that one day I would head inside and see for myself how things operate within Bangkok's gay bars. If you’re at Patpong just exit via the Surawong Road end and turn right, then after only a short walk you will see The Boys Bangkok sign which is on the opposite side of the road next to a Family Mart. As I was crossing Surawong Road I noticed the name of the bar on the right ‘Banana Bar’, FFS I nearly pissed myself laughing but the sight of a group of gay guys hanging around just inside near the entrance put an end to that.

To me it’s like a mini Soi Cowboy without the neon lights. Soi Twilight is alive as you enter, the biggest bars are clustered in the first half of Soi Twilight then it quietens down into several beer bars which is where I went just to get my bearings.

The Boys Bangkok

Soi Twilight entrance via Surawong Road

Here's a look at the bar names I did see: Hot Male, Maxi’s, New Boys, Dream Boys, X Size, Banana, X Boys, Fresh Boys, Dicks Cafe, Scorpion, Classic Boys Club & Balls. FFS someone does have a sense of humor with more than a few of those names. I will go in and review some of the bigger bars when they’re busy with tourists, not now since it’s quiet. It would be full on predator mode inside the bars that have shows with guys wanting a drink, they do need make money.

At the small beer bars they have 2 or 3 guys working inside who will get your drink (just like a bargirl) then sit around and have a chat. The bar I went to had no name and a Tiger beer is 100฿. The guy who took my order did hang around for a chat and never once asked for a drink. As you can see by the pictures it had been raining therefore tonight they are quiet. There was only one other customer present at this bar. I found it more interesting talking to a gay male than to ladyboys or bargirls where you can can be pestered constantly to buy them a drink or in a ladyboys case to barfine them.

When my beer did arrive I let everyone know that I wasn't gay. I’m not interested in playing that charade.The difference here is everyone took it as the truth, if you told a ladyboy this then there is still no stopping them trying to get you in the sack. The guy who got my drinks (early 30’s) had an American accent so the obvious question was, do you have an American boyfriend? Which he did in the past, staying together for 5 years at Phuket. I guess this is what happens for Thai gays when their relationship breaks down, quite a few will just head back to work in a beer bar until they meet someone else.

Soi Twilight

Soi Twilight Beer Bars

There are a few massage shops inside where I’d bet it will be all gay male masseuses. I spotted one ladyboy bar which was upstairs. They had a couple of older (40’s) ladyboys downstairs that were just in their street clothes and really had made no effort with make-up. I was thinking this I where ladyboys come to retire when one of the hottest ladyboys I have ever seen in Bangkok walked down the stairs wearing denim jeans and really did look all women. She was only outside for about 5 minutes when some big guy who would spend most his life in the gym arrived and walked arm and arm with her upstairs, never to be seen again.

The gay tourists I did notice walking down Soi Twilight appeared to be on a mission, they knew exactly where they were going. It was like they had blinkers on, just looking straight ahead making no attempt to make eye contact with anyone in the bars. The opposite can be said about couples like in the picture above they will look at everyone, as you should if you’re on holiday.

If you’re after some food then you can go to Maxis Bar & Restaurant . They serve both Thai & Western food and is well positioned within Soi Twilight which makes this a cool bar to start out your evening. Another place to eat is Dicks Cafe such a cool name considering they are surrounded by gay bars. They also serve both Thai & Western food.

You can see a show at several of the bars but what I have heard that although some of the shows are spectacular the drinks prices are way up there at 300 to 400฿. If you’re interested in seeing a show then just Google some of the bar names above as there are a few forums out there that talk regularly about these bars.

Overall I found the couple of hours that I spent at Soi Twilight / Soi Pratuchai to be stress free and a real eye opener in seeing how the beer bars operate. It was a pity that it was so quiet therefore I didn't get to see how a gay customer interacts with the workers at the beer bars. Next time, if there is a next time, I might head in and see a show.