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Pink Panther | Patpong

Here’s another good bar within Patpong 2. The Pink Panther gogo bar with a large outside bar where you can watch the football without being disturbed or head on inside to where all the action is. I made a b-line straight for the gogo bar and was be struck instantly of how attractive and fit most of the dancers are.

The gogo area is set up well with six small dance floors in the middle which look like tables with poles that hold two dancers on each. Several of these chicks really know how to dance. I have seen erotic but this was different. I’m not going to beat around the bush here but one in particular wasn't just dancing to the beat but f…Ing to the beat and with her super tight white pants pulled up as far as they can go. Back and front well I hope you get the picture.

Pink Panther Bangkok

   Pink Panther - Patpong

At the Pink Panther they have some impressive looking Coyote Dancers that can’t be barfined but that's not a problem since the regular dancers can for 800฿. What I saw tonight on display then you shouldn’t be disappointed. The dancers rotated about every 5 songs and I counted around 20 gogo dancers inside and they all looked good. I left around 10:30 pm as I knew they where going to set up a ring for some Thai Boxing which I guess is worth seeing if you’re a tourist.

I headed to Bada Bing to get a good comparisons between the two gogo bars. Some of the dancing I had just witnessed at the Pink Panther was right up there with the best. I hanged around Bada Bing for an hour and could see that both bars are about on par with each other when it comes to the gogo dancers.

Back to the Pink Panther for a quick look at the Muay Thai Boxing where a small ring has been set up in the center of the Pink Panther. It’s not my seen but I can see tourists on their first trip to Bangkok enjoying the entertainment.

The Pink Panther has comfortable bench seats with a good view of the girls dancing which is made even better by having a very good DJ. He played a few songs that I hadn’t heard at a gogo bar before. They had a cool beat that these dancers could really grind to.

A whiskey cost 170฿ and came in a bigger glass than most other bars.

Pink Panther gogo bar - Patpong  7/10.

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