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No Regret

Lets talk about the image below which was taken almost a year ago out front of the Cockatoo Ladyboy Bar. I had been down the Rawhide Bar end of Soi Cowboy where it is much darker. The camera settings aren’t set correct for this end of Soi Cowboy. It was like the parting of the Red Sea revealing the Cockatoo Bar ladyboys in all their glory. I only had a split second before herds of people blocked my view. The shutter speed should have been one stop up and the ISO one stop down. That’s my regret. That's all lame compared to the regret the guy exiting is showing. It’s like “Oh sh.t I just partied with a ladyboyBig Time!” The ladyboys don’t usually look at someone when they leave but the 2 on left are. One has her mouth open. She appears a bit awe struck with what has gone on with this guy within the bar. Oh the shame walking out. The other guy doesn’t give a sh.t!

Cockatoo Ladyboy Bar

Cockatoo Bar | Soi Cowboy

Talking of couldn’t give a shit. I can remember when I first started this website. I had to go and review all the bars within Soi Cowboy, Nana Plaza and Patpong. What really made this unique was I had only ever been inside three gogo bars … Rainbow 4, Spanky’s and Suzie Wongs. Therefore I was entering each bar for the first time with the eyes of a tourist. No f.cker knew who I was therefore I did go hard for about 18 months. That's what it took. What I do find funny even to this day is … At that time each bars review page was uploaded as a incoherent draft each night that only I could properly decipher. It was all about just getting the page ranked by Google with the correct heading and keywords … That’s all.

I don’t regret that as it was the only way to do it. I can remember when it was time to decipher the reviews. Now clear headed I thought “WTF. I hope no f.cker read these.” No regrets since the main objective was to get on Google's front page for each bar. Even starting with Twitter you had to go hard just to get your initial followers. The trick is to back right off once you got a few hundred … Clean it up … Time waits for no one!

I slowly but surely cleaned up the reviews overtime. The Cockatoo Bar is one review that is a bit of a classic for me personally. Initially I gave them a 0/10. I couldn’t except the sh.t that was going down. This was my first visit to the bar and only the second Ladyboy Bar I had ever been to. Kings Corner 2 was a cake walk compared to the Cockatoo Bar. I thought I could never review another ladyboy bar after that. Have a read of the review and imagine being there as a tourist on your first trip to a ladyboy bar. There is a new image on the page taken early 2018. The settings were right this time.

Wednesday night I hit Soi Twilight. Would I regret this? Nah. For the readers that don’t know Soi Twilight is a small version of Soi Cowboy catering for the gay tourists/community. The bars have names that leave no confusion to the fact that you are entering a gay bar: Dream Boys, Fresh Boys, Banana Bar, Boys Bangkok, Hot Male to name a few. I was just there to get some video for the YouTube Channel.

Soi Twilight Bangkok

Fresh Boys | Soi Twilight

The image above is of one of the performers at Fresh Boys. I stopped filming and asked to take a picture. Who would have thought that her costume was going to open up like a peacock? A gay guy would have. I actually did a “WOW!” If I’d known that was going to happen then I would have just kept on filming. It really was a “WOW” moment.

There are 2 shows every night that last an hour each at Fresh Boys. The shows are free to enter but a drink will set you back 400 Baht. As a tourist gay or straight Soi Twilight is worth a look. The barboys HA HA. If that's what you call them are more polite than the majority of bargirls that you will run into, but saying that … I only bang chicks!

There is a guy at my Condo who uses an Escort service. I’m guessing Smoochi. He has no-regrets. Over the last month I’ve been walking through the foyer on my way to 7/11 thinking nothing in regard to women. Then I see him just as an Escort arrives. One was pure sex her pants wear snuggly fitted where you’d want them to be … Man she looked good (I cleaned that up). I must admit that I never looked at her face. The second woman was a complete package. I actually saw her face. I found myself walking to and from 7/11 on both occasions only thinking onething … Women!

Nana Plaza Bangkok

Nana Plaza | Roof Construction

The roofs skeleton at Nana Plaza has now made it all the way to the entrance. The next stage is what we are all waiting for. I walked through Bangkok Bunnies on Wednesday Night. Well me if you wanted to get laid you needn’t have gone any further. There were many a dancer that would have been perfect for the job … Sexy!

It’s good to see that the Rainbow Bar is getting a face lift. Located next to Playskool on the ground floor of Nana Plaza. They had to do something since Playskool has had their outside bar fully modernized. I’d guess that Rainbow 5 has finally been renamed Rainbow 4 since there is a neon 4 where the 5 was. No more cardboard cut outs with a 4 scribbled on top. I’m bored even typing that. Friday night Rainbow 4 was unsurprisingly packed. Spanky’s looked like they were having a wild night. At Butterflies most the customers were hanging around the Jacuzzi which is always a good idea.

Along Soi 4 the beer bars were busy. Stumble Inn, BigDogs plus Hillary 2 and 4 were the busiest bars. If you are into Freelancers along Soi 4 then stick to the RHS for females … HA HA. Near the Nana Hotel carpark you will still run into a few ladyboys. Luckily they are easy to spot. Stick to the LHS as you walk up Soi 4 if you’re into ladyboys or African female freelancers … Easy!

Club Eletric Blue Patpong

Club Electric Blue | Patpong Soi 2 (Closed)

At Patpong Club Electric Blue has closed. This is one bar that should have advertised on this Website. They were advertising on another website at the time so when I met one of the owners I put it to him. He was going to send an email if interested HA HA … Never did. Club Electric Blue was right up this websites alley. The dancers were sexy/erotic. They had the potential to be the best in Patpong. Fuck me I would have pushed this bar to the MAX!

Club Electric Blue could have and should have hit the heights of Kings Castle 1. In the end they hardy had a customer. Mainly I only pushed that they had draught beer. If someone had asked me at anytime which Patpong bar would have benefited the most from advertising on this website? I would have said Club Electric Blue in a heart beat.

Super Pussy has been closed all week. It is possible Super Pussy has been closed for a while as this is one place that I don’t give much notice. I’m not walking up those stairs! The busiest bars within Patpong Soi 1 on Friday night were Superstars, Kings Corner and Kings Castle 2. The outside bar at Superstars was busier than I have seen in a while. Patpong Soi 2 was busy up near Kings Corner 2 which has a good atmosphere with the Irish pub nearby. They have a live band belting out songs.

The Strip had a couple of attractive women out front when I walked by. Unfortunately for them at the time of passing they were only doing slightly better than Club Electric Blue … And they are closed!