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Soi Cowboy Bangkok BarNewsBangkok

MenuAn Honest Review of Bars @ Nana Plaza, Soi Cowboy & Patpong.


Cowboy 2 | Soi Cowboy

Cowboy 2 Go-Go Bar is situated halfway along Soi Cowboy Bangkok. I take a seat in the outside bar area and I’m pretty surprised with the amount of women they have working here. Some are real stunners although there are a few chubby women for the guys who are into them. A beer or a whiskey are both 160 Baht.

Cowboy 2 gogo bar

Cowboy 2 Gogo Dancers Bangkok

Talking with few of the Coyote Dancers at the outside bar area of Cowboy 2 Go-Go Bar so I can find out how things work around here. They get paid 600 Baht a day and if they are late to go up dancing then they get charged 200 Baht… a bit rough! I noticed they kept on checking there watches HA HA. If you want one of them go with you then the barfine is 3000 Baht and lady drinks are 200 Baht. Screw that just get to know them and if you really get on you will be able to work something out away from the bar.

The Dollhouse BangkokI’d say you would have no chance with these dancers, especially if you are just here on a holiday. Just pay the barfine if one of the gogo dancers blows your mind at Cowboy 2 Go-Go Bar.

Inside Cowboy 2 Go-Go Bar

Inside Cowboy 2 Go-Go Bar area it is one of the best I have seen. You can have a lot of fun here. The dance floor is in the middle and they can get about 18 girls up dancing. Some dancers really know how to move. A few of the bigger girls are up there as well but as I said before some people are into that so there something for everyone here.

The music's good and the layout is well thought out, You don't get hassled for drinks but the girls do want your company plus the dancers seem a bit more educated here. The two women that I was talking to said that they are going to College during the day. Now normally I don't believe half what dancers tell me but it wasn't the usual Hotel Management story. It was Graphic Design plus they seemed to know what there talking about. Maybe I have had just one too many drinks.

You will find Cowboy 2 gogo dancers at several other smaller go-go bars as they are leased out for the night. If you like Cowboy 2 then have a look at The Dollhouse and Rawhide Go-Go Bars.

Cowboy 2 Go-Go Bar 6½/10.