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Soi Cowboy Bangkok

An Honest Review of Bars @ Nana Plaza, Soi Cowboy, Patpong & Pattaya…


Moonshine Joint Bar | Soi Cowboy

The Moonshine Joint Bar is situated next to Jungle Jim's Bar and opposite the Midnite Go-Go Bar. At this bar the woman are very hands-on. Before you know it someone will be massaging your shoulders. If you're big enough then a group massage. Most times when I walk down Soi Cowboy there's usually someone sitting having a drink getting a massage.

Moonshine Joint Soi CowboyThe bargirls (not the dancers) at the outside bar range from 30 to 45, I guess the guys coming here are into that so I think they the women will do all right with lady's drinks since this joint is usually busy. The guy (pic)with the 3 way massage didn't even talk to the girls just sat there drank his beer talking with his buddy and he wasn't moving that leg for no one. Some nights they have a good selection of dancers inside, it is pretty hit and miss but always worth a look inside.

Suzie Wong Go-Go Bar is close bye therefore the Moonshine Joint is a good place to hang out waiting for the start of the 10 pm show, which is a must see.

Inside the Moonshine Joint

I head inside to the bar area it's the same layout as Fannys Bar and Jungle Jim's Bar a narrow long bar with 3 flat screen TV’s and a small dance floor for the women to do there stuff.

Tonight they have 2 girls dancing around the 24 age group they're pretty hot and can dance. You don't get hassled by anyone as long as you let them know early you are here just to relax but if you want company you're going to get it, they will be around you like fly's massaging away.

A Tiger Beer is 120฿ and the music in the bar is ok they did have a few songs I liked. The dancers will get into it when there's some good music playing, especially with a beat. If you buy one of the women a drink it will cost you 100฿ before you know it they will be all over you, no massage this time that's too tame for what goes on here.

Do yourself a favor only buy a drink for someone that your actually interested in that way you will enjoy your time at the Moonshine Joint that much better. If you decide to take one of the women from the bar it will cost you 600฿. You get a good view of the Midnite go-go bar sitting in the outside bar area.

Moonshine Joint - Soi CowboyIt’s cool seeing the women hanging around out front within Soi Cowboy. I have witnessed some funny stuff just watching what they can get up to, especially when it’s a busy night.

Since both bars are next to each other Jungle Jim's and Moonshine Joint and are basically identical inside, I do have a preference to sit at the Moonshine Joint then if I want to go inside then I think Jungle Jim's is better as it has a good selection of women inside, some nights an over supply. The Moonshine Joint can get fairly busy on Friday and Saturday nights.

Moonshine Joint - Soi Cowboy 5/10.

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