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Bangkok GoGo Dancers


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Playskool | Nana Plaza

Playskool Gogo Bar is located within a prime position on the ground floor of Nana Plaza Bangkok. You can’t miss this bar with their large neon sign out front and the cool mural within the outside bar. Playskool is a medium sized gogo bar with good air circulation which is always a bonus. There is an elevated dance floor in the middle which can have ten dancers dancing comfortably on stage. The outside bar is a well positioned if you are into people watching. Just sit back and enjoy the view. There is a wide range of dancers on show at Playskool therefore someone should light your fire.

Playskool Nana Plaza

Playskool GoGo Bar | Nana Plaza

If you’re in a group and are in the mood to party then you can’t go wrong at Playskool. The dancers wont disappoint as they are always up for some fun. More than a few of the dancers and I’m talking the hot ones really know how to turn it on. You can relax out front and have a few beers and a chat or you can stay inside and let her get on your lap. She will enjoy the ride! Playskool at Nana Plaza is one bar where you don’t want to hold back as this group of dancers are up for whatever you throw at them.

Once the dancers see you’re interested the night is yours for the taking. Before you know it you will be planning to barfine (700 Baht) one of the dancers from the bar. Now's the time to be smart and refrain from buying every man and his dog a drink. Stick to the woman or women (tag team) you plan on leaving with.

Some bars can get wild and some bars cannot. The Playskool Gogo Bar can and does get wild. All it needs is a small group of customers in party mode then the whole bar lights up. Bangkok's biggest bar Bangkok Bunnies is the sister bar to Playskool.

Playskool Nana Plaza … 6/10.