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Soi Cowboy Bangkok

An Honest Review of Bars @ Nana Plaza, Soi Cowboy, Patpong & Pattaya…


Shadow Bar | Soi Cowboy

Shadow Bar - Soi Cowboy BangkokBack to Bangkok's Soi Cowboy and to the Shadow Bar situated next to The Dollhouse Go-Go Bar. At least you can watch the women dancing next door. Jungle Jim’s is opposite therefore you can see their selection of Go-Go dancers as they take a break.

They have cheap drinks until 10 pm at 80฿ and lady drinks are a 130฿. Therefore no drinks for the bargirls, unless they have something interesting to offer like a decent conversation.

Let me get right to it. I have never seen a bunch of unhappy woman as the bargirls working here, they really aren't enjoying there work. They all appear over 35 but look ok …. HA HA…. that means I would do them but they’d need a personality. That’s not to much to ask for.

The bargirls are screwed really as the Shadow Bar is sandwiched between two bars with some pretty hot woman around the 23 yrs age group (pic shows my view of The Dollhouse Go-Go Bar). The Midnite Go-Go Bar is also next door. FFS no chance.

The Dollhouse - Bangkok

View of The Dollhouse - Soi Cowboy

The Shadow Bar staff are good at looking after you getting drinks but try to have a conversation FFS. They really are uninterested with a fake smile turn away then quickly look back their face drops back to be unhappy again. You would have to be a sap buying a woman a drink if you don't hit it off straight away.

Shadow Bar - Soi Cowboy BangkokWhat are they hoping for some fat guy come in and start throwing his holiday money around. They don't even have fun with one another just the same look that they give the customers.

Inside the bar they have flat screen TV’s with the football on so if you're into that it's an ok place to come. No loud music just the commentary from the football.

 For the ladies there's a good selection of guys, you can see by the picture these blokes all work out, get there if you can.

Apart from that it's an ok place to chill. You can sit out front and watch what is going on in the Soi especially the chicks at The Dollhouse or sit inside watch the football. Try make sure you bring a woman since the ones working inside are so f…ing boring.

The Shadow Bar - 4/10