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Nana Plaza Bangkok

An Honest Review of Bars @ Nana Plaza, Soi Cowboy, Patpong & Pattaya…


AngelWitch | Nana Plaza

Saturday night at Nana Plaza and this time I end up at AngelWitch Go-Go Bar. I was heading to the DC10 bar since last week when I walked past there was a really hot looking Issan girl taking a break outside. I cruised up to the curtains to enter. I have a quick chat with the woman out front then she pulls the curtain open. The gogo dancers looked okay, I take one step inside and see three guys sitting inside all smoking!! Okay brakes on and step back and ask “can you smoke here?” Dumb question HA HA but nah I don't want to smell like an ashtray. Those days are over, therefore it’s off to AngelWitch Go-Go Bar just next door.

Angelwitch Nana Plaza

    Entrance to Angelwitch

As I enter AngelWitch the sound of AC/DC greets me it’s their new song which I hadn't heard played before. A good feel to the bar already as I take a seat next to a guy in his 40's all alone just sipping a beer. He looks like he still lives with his parents back in the UK and this is his first trip to Nana Plaza….. I better keep an eye on him. There might be a good story to tell if he makes a move.

I get a beer 160฿ and check out the dancers on stage, there are eight up dancing now. I will try to be polite… three are fat! Okay I’ll be nice, chubby. The remaining dancers make up for it, especially if you're into breasts. There is a couple of stunners here plus all the dancers seem to be having a good time and are actually dancing.

The atmosphere at Angelwitch is good. I am not getting hassled by anyone for a lady drinks and the waitresses are very polite. For about 20 min's I've been watching some petty impressive breasts doing there stuff. The 40 yr old virgin hasn't moved a muscle since I sat down.

 Nana Plaza BangkokNow shift change owe why do they do this to me? Ten new girls get on stage and f…me three can really dance, one is very impressive.

This is what the guy next to me would have been dreaming about when he planned his trip to Bangkok. He looks like good Sponsor material for the gogo dancers. If I was him I would be barfining her quick. She’s making full use of the pole. F..me. After each song the girls move position one place to the right so they do a full circle of the stage. At least then everyone gets to see all the dancers. I just watch her all the way. This is what you hope for when come to Bangkok on a holiday.

So they move for the next song and now she's on the other side in front of 3 guys in the late 20's and when she starts dancing and squats hanging onto the pole they all take a drink at the same time. HA HA. They look shy HA HA f…me. After that they just continue their conversation, taking sneaky looks now and again. I know exactly what's going on here as I saw it once when I was staying at Woraburi Sukhumvit Hotel. There were three guys sharing a room, really how tight do you have to be or how dumb? Don't they even think, what if they want to bring a lady home for the night? Just dumb! They must enjoy the mateship so much that the only thing that they don't do is suck each others dicks. Get pissed enough I bet they want to do it… Okay there's a rant, after years in Australia there are lot of males that put their maaaates first over any woman.

I haven't forgotten about our 40 year old virgin. I had 2 beers and he never finished the one he had when I entered. No one came over and hassled him. Maybe I'm wrong about him…. Nah he's just scared, cant move HA HA. I hope our 40 year old virgin doesn't slip-up and get one of the Freelancers out front the Nana Hotel which is opposite Nana Plaza or we might end up reading about him in the news.

Angelwitch is a good gogo bar to visit on any trip to Nana Plaza. The gogo dancers are cool plus they can dance. The staff are friendly making for a trouble free night out.

AngelWitch Go-Go Bar - 6/10.

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