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Nana Plaza Bangkok

An Honest Review of Bars @ Nana Plaza, Soi Cowboy, Patpong & Pattaya…

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Suckers Go-Go Bar | Nana Plaza

Lollipops new name Suckers which is located on the ground floor of Nana Plaza Bangkok. Really SUCKERS let us get the Thesaurus out and look up the word Sucker and check out Synonyms for sucker HA HA HA. You also might be a Sucker for not checking this place out as they have some good looking dancers inside.

This is what I instantly thought when I saw the sign during the day. I’d better make a trip there tonight so to see how it all adds up, who will the Sucker be? Maybe me?

Suckers Nana PlazaSuckers at Night

I arrived at Suckers Go-Go Bar around 9 pm the large neon sign looks good at night, the bar out front has plenty bargirls working, at the back of the bar is the entrance to the Go-Go Bar, I'm not heading in there as I just want to sit and watch the action outside within Nana Plaza periodically a girl from behind the curtain to the Go-Go Bar would come out…..Yes they are attractive………..The girls in the bar are dressed casually and I would say all have had a child some more than 1. I like this setup with the girls in the front bar, at least there not going to get dragged away to dance so there is no shortage of company for the evening if you go there by yourself. I ask a girl how much the drinks are testing her English before asking them over for a drink. Tiger beer is 115฿ and a ladies drink 130฿. So here we are sitting and chatting it's all good No SUCKERS to be found I'm still waiting for them to arrive. Suckers is very user friendly if you are new to the scene no ones getting pestered for lady drinks you can just sit and relax.

Talking to the girl I was with, true to form she has had 1 child to some Thai guy who has done a runner or couldn't give a stuff. She is about 30 good skin and perfect straight white teeth I think she might have had a good Sponsor when she was younger. I found out from her that Suckers is pretty good for the girls as there's no quota number put on them how many customers they have to be bar fined a month or lose money, a bit more digging she says that she gets barfined about once a fortnight as most guys like to get the girls from the Go-Go Bar area with what I saw coming out through the curtain the girls outside will find it hard to get consistent action. Bar fine is 700฿.

Sucker Alert

Suckers Nana Plaza BangkokHere he comes all dressed in black no that's a song. HA HA here he comes straight out a drunken stooper back to the bar to pay the bar fine so she will stay with him another night.

I guess that he had no time for a shower or a change of clothes, at least she looks fresh. I like the way she's guiding him back to the bar playing with the back of his head or is she writing the word Sucker there. They where only inside for about 10 min's. She's a dancer and as you can see is pretty hot and most of the girls are this hot so Suckers is a good place to visit.

Just don't walk in like this guy with her playing with the back of your head or you will end looking like a real SUCKER…….Let's be honest he's a lucky Sucker as she is pretty hot………

I was pleasantly surprised with this place I think it's a great place to sit and watch the comings and goings at Nana Plaza without getting disturbed if that's what you want.

Suckers Go-Go Bar

I enter Suckers Go-Go Bar to find a medium sized Go-Go bar with a T-shaped elevated dance floor which holds around 16 dancers there are 12 women dancing and all make it worth sitting around the dance floor so do yourself a favor and don't follow where the staff try to usher you to a seat as you will enjoy your night all that more getting up close and personal you will always find a few dancers who will put on a good show just for you sometimes I don't know where to look. Tiger beer inside cost 155฿. The clientele on the night I attended Suckers Go-Go bar was 50/50 Japanese and Western the music was loud but good as the dancers had no problem dancing to the songs on offer. Suckers Go-Go Bar is a good bar to have a quiet drink out front then if you fancy barfining someone at Nana Plaza then Suckers have a good selection of dancers inside the Go-Go bar area.

Suckers Go-Go Bar 6½/10

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