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Visa Run to Cambodia

(Thai immigration facilities is at Rongklua Market in Aranyaprathet)

If your on a tourist visa and need to renew your visa then one of the easiest and cheapest ways is by mini van 230฿ one-way departing hourly from Victory Monument ask for ticket to Rongklua Market . The latest you want to leave is 11 am this will give you enough time to renew your visa. It takes around 3½ hours they stop for about 20 mins to refuel, the service station has a 7/11 and toilets.

When you arrive Rongklua Market check what time the last mini-van departs usually around 5 pm.

Visa Run

Get of Skytrain at Victory Monument and follow the walkway under the Skytrain heading towards the freeway you can see in the distance.

Take this exit heading towards Freeway.

Walk to under Freeway you will see all the Vans and people sitting waiting just go and as for a ticket to the Market at Cambodia border they know what mean and a ticket one way is 230 Baht.

This is your view when the drop-off point at 7/11. Now just cross the road and walk straight down until you come to the K-Bank its on the RHS and is green.

Now turn right you will cross a railway line its only a 150 meters walk don't listen to anyone asking you if need a Visa.

Walk to here its on the LHS.

People will call out to you saying you need a visa before entering. Listen no one.

Enter here up stairs.                                                             


Once enter its just same as at the airport.

Now Just walk listen to no one

Ok from here cross the road to the RHS to building in pic below.

Obtaining your Visa

Get your Cambodian tourist visa 1200฿ (Jan 2015) at the official Cambodian office then go to the Cambodian Immigration where you can exit into Cambodia or get an exit/entry stamp (200฿)without actually exiting then return straight back into Thailand walk back on LHS, same procedure as at the airport then you can spend some time at the market before returning to Bangkok via mini-bus (230฿).

Sit back and relax

Just to the left of the building sitting outside is the Cambodia Police and they will fill everything out for you and go get your visa and exit entry stamps while you just sit and wait this service adds 200฿ to your cost.