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Nana Plaza’s Belly

When you walk into Nana Plaza its right into the belly you will feel a rush of excitement especially if it’s your first visit with all the bright lights you look up but it will all look a bit overwhelming eventually your eyes will settle on the Nana Beer Garden right in the middle of Nana Plaza and if that is broken then the Plaza appears broken. During the low season Soi Cowboy is the best spot for tourist as it is steady all year round with all the bright lights and the gogo dancers filling the Soi. The Nana Beer Garden is like a horror show at times very uninviting to have a drink with grandmothers working inside (that's no joke) sprinkled with a few women in their early 30’s. Now think about it if a bargirl has been working since their early 20's and they are now around 50 then why are they still working in the bar industry and never snapped up by some guy in the West or saved enough to be gone? Wrong attitude, bad personality or just an all round loser so no wonder during the low season the Nana Beer Garden isn't very appealing.

Nana Beer Garden

The Nana Beer Garden

The gogo bars were suffering as tourist chose Soi Cowboy during the low season but now it’s high season and the Nana Beer Garden is full most nights giving the Nana Plaza a totally different feel and for me I would rather spend my time there than Soi Cowboy yeah the granny's are still inside but there are more woman in their early 30's and not one of those stupid Thai board games that the granny's like to play in sight. As you can see by the picture above that you could sit and have a drink whilst figuring out your next move and get a feel of Nana Plaza before venturing out into one of the gogo bars.

This week I had a quick look at both Mandarin Bars all appeared to be doing good trade and with no shortage of good looking gogo dancers inside making them both worth going inside for a beer or 2 or 3 then its barfine time that third drinks a killer.

I was a bit shocked walking by the Mercury gogo bar they have some good looking dancers but what I saw is beyond belief there were a few rejects that weren't up to it at Bangkok Bunnies dancing inside. Not good, I’m talking Hobbit Stuff.

There seems to be an oversupply of Freelancers hanging around Soi 4 Nana, so if that's your thing its bonus time but you better stay sober if dealing with Freelancers.

I always walk from Asok to Nana Plaza then when finished hanging around walk back to Asok on my way to Soi Cowboy therefore get to see what is happening along Sukhumvit Road. Several market stalls are packed up for the night around 10 pm and are replaced by street bars which will have a few working girls on site, over the last few months I have noticed more than a few black women seated at the street bars now being so innocent the first time I witnessed this I just thought they were a group of women on holiday. Now it’s obvious what's going on although I haven't sat down and had a chat yet but 1+1=2.

Near Nana BTS

Street Bars near Nana BTS

Coming from Australia were your chance of being with a black woman are slim to none I can see the attraction for the tourist on a two week stay in one of Bangkok’s red light districts, have your fill of Thai women and maybe a ladyboy thrown in (gay) then why not buy one of these ladies a drink and see what happens.

The Dollhouse Implosion

Now to the drama of the week at one of my favorite bars The Dollhouse I'm not going to go on rumors or hearsay of what is happening internally with the management but from the outside I have noticed problems from around the 18th of December, I have been having a drink at the outside bars of Jungle Jim's and Fanny's Bar where you get a good view of The Dollhouse dancer out front doing her stuff, you do get to know what is normal activity for a bar and what is not, see the picture below that Security had been called to the Dollhouse and everything has stopped within the outside bar, that chick stopped dancing ….bummer (this is not normal), it has been obvious to any regular to Soi Cowboy that something is not right.

Then the lead up to New Years I thought it strange as to why there wasn't any dancer out front hanging onto a pole when I was walking by since it’s the busiest time of the year. If The Dollhouse aren’t going to put on there show out front, then I don't head in.

Dollhouse Agogo Bar 18 Dec 15

Security arrive The Dollhouse Agogo Bar

It all became clear as some strange happenings hit Facebook although most has been deleted and their website is down as I write this column, if you do a bit of digging you will find out what is going on. One thing I learnt working as a Private Investigator is only deal with the facts luckily I do have pictures. (Any Australians looking for a career as an Investigator then have a look at my other website here).

The picture below shows The Dollhouse just after 10 pm on Thursday Night 7th Jan 2016 even the Shadow Bar has more customers the sign out front is for Job Vacancy's.

Serve and Reception 5000฿ - 7000฿

Dancing and Coyote 10000฿ - 17000฿

Need 2 Mamasan.

The Dollhouse Soi Cowboy

The Dollhouse Job Vacancy’s

Lets see how this pans out but hopefully they can get all this sorted ASAP.

This week Fanny’s Bar was full yet still had coyote dancers out front trying to drag people in then when the guy hits the door he does a u-turn as it was full. One bar not doing so well as is the Cocktail Club with some ok looking dancers out front they should be getting their fair share of customers. I guess I’ll have to bite the bullet and head in and see what's going on….Soon.