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Nana Plaza

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Best Bars @ Nana Plaza - Bangkok Bunnies - Spankys - Billboard - Rainbow 5 - Twister - Butterflies ......

Nana Plaza

Nana Plaza Bangkok is a must see destination for many tourist. Here you will find around thirty gogo bars spread over three levels. Nana Plaza is located just a short walk along Sukhumvit Soi 4 Nana which is normally jam packed with tourists. There are numerous beer bars plus female and ladyboy freelancers scattered along Soi 4. There is a real carnival atmosphere of the whole area that is ultimately all about Nana Plaza.

Within Nana Plaza you will find gogo bars with live shows, Jacuzzis, pole dancers, pool tables, ladyboy bars & gogo dancers. The ground floor beer bars and the bars facing onto Nana Soi 4 is where you can watch live sports on the large flat screen TV’s. Here you can hang out with the bargirls who are a a bit older than the gogo dancers that you will find at many of the bars.

There are even three short time hotels inside where you can book a room for 2 hours if you find yourself in the mood for some extra activitys. If you’re after a live band then just head on outside into Soi 4.

Nana Plaza Bangkok

Nana Plaza Bar Reviews

Have a read of the reviews as there are some very good gogo bars where you will really enjoy a night out at Nana Plaza. You dont want to waiste your time in a bar that doesn’t deliver of what you would expect when you frequenting gogo bars.

The bar industry can be a bit up and down therefore if you find any gogo bar with an atmosphere on any given night. Then you know you are on a winner.

Regarding the rating system. I take the point of view of an average tourist on a short stay here in Bangkok and what they might expect to see on a trip to Nana Plaza.

Reviews are updated when a bar takes the turn for the worst or lights up as one of the best!

Ground Floor Bars - Nana Plaza


Good location within Nana Plaza. Well worth a look since the gogo dancers can dance! The open aired bar is a cool spot to have a drink.

Bangkok Bunnies ****

Situated next to Suckers. Bangkok Bunnies is back with a bang (on a Friday or Saturday night). Head on in and see why. A large bar with a very good atmosphere plus they have plenty of dancers.

Bangkok Bunnies Nana Plaza

True Obsession

A busy bar and one of the best if you want to go see the ladyboys in action on and off the dance floor.

Rainbow 2

Tucked away in the corner of the ground floor its easy to miss the Rainbow 2 Bar inside is larger than you would expect and they have some good dancers.

London Calling

Be sober when you arrive as there is a mix of ladyboys and regular dancers so learn who is who in this zoo then pick your team. Be careful of the bargirls.

Easy Lick

Another bar that has a mix of female gogo dancers and ladyboys. You can have a game of pool within their outside bar.

Rainbow 1

The Rainbow Bar has a bar out front where you can have a drink with the dancers whilst they take a break. They have some good looking women inside.

Nana Beer Garden

In the middle of Nana Plaza the Nana Beer Garden is a good place to sit if all you want do is watch what is going on out front the downstairs Go-Go bars.

Tiki Bar

Good place to sit right within the entrance of Nana Plaza. Formally named just Lucky Luke's it has been renovated and now named Lucky Luke's Tiki Bar.

Middle Floor Bars - Nana Plaza


A small bar that can get very busy. You will find ladyboys here. Good place to start if you haven't been to a ladyboy bar before.

Spankys ***

One of the busiest bars at Nana Plaza Bangkok. Now a must see bar with a new group of dancers. Stick to the left if you want to watch the dancer in the shower cubical.


Good music some Rock and has a few very good dancers when they’re in the mood. Is a nice bar to spend time at Nana Plaza.

Sexy Night

Good DJ plays some AC/DC, The Rolling Stone, The Doors etc. A small Bar more in the style of the smaller Soi Cowboy Bars. The pickings are slim, some of the bargirls are hardened making for not a fun night out.

DC 10

DC10 is a ladyboy bar. Not my scene just be polite to the ladyboys as you walk by, they are a happy bunch at DC10.


More relaxed than other ladyboy bars you could get away with not buying anyone a drink if you just wanted to chill. More like a regular bar would be good when busy.

Rainbow 5 ***

Rainbow 5 use to be called Rainbow 4. A good sized bar that is normally busy and is a big hit with the Japanese customers.

Twister Bar ****

One of the best bars at Nana Plaza. A bar with plenty of energy that coincides with a good group of gogo dancers that will keep you entertained long into the night. A must see bar.

Temptations Ladyboy Bar

There are some cool ladyboys here but the pressure is on the moment you walk through the door until you buy someone a drink then the pressure is on in other ways.

Diamonds Bangkok

A mixed bar with a handful of ladyboys and a wide range of gogo dancers inside. This is a good bar if you are after some action as the dancers aren’t shy!

Mandarin Tabletop Dancing

You will enjoy your night out at the Mandarin as they have a few very good dancers and the theme is good. Just sit by a table and look up.

Mercury Bar

A small bar that now hosts ladyboys. The change was made July 2017. They have a good group of ladyboys present.

Rainbow 3

Out of all the Rainbow bars I found this the loudest and the roughest which was to my taste. There are more than a few good looking dancers here.

Chili Bar

The Chili Bar is a ladyboy bar. You will see their ladyboys on the ground floor enticing people upstairs. If you like what you see then head upstairs and you will see even more ladyboys at the entrance to the Chili Bar.

Top Floor Bars - Nana Plaza


A quiet bar that does have several cool gogo dancers. The women are keen to impress. Located in the stairwell between the middle and top floor.

Billboard Nana PlazaBillboard Agogo Bar *****

The best bar with the most dancers of any bar within Nana Plaza, and they’re hot. Your hardest decision is where to sit? By the Jacuzzi or the rotating dance floor. A must see bar.

Enter Bar

A newly opened modern looking gogo bar located on the top floor of Nana Plaza. A small bar with plenty of gogo dancers.


A large ladyboy bar it’s like walking into a cave, be prepared to buy someone a drink as you will get plenty of attention until you do. Worth a look.

Butterflies ***

A large bar with plenty of cool dancers. There is a Jacuzzi on the LHS as you walk in, with dancers in vary’s stages of dress. If that's not your scene then there is 3 dance floors to keep you entertained.

Butterflies Gogo Bar Nana Plaza

Bars Soi 4 Nana (LHS)

Morning Night Bar

Good bar in Soi 4 Nana with some cool women working the music is set to a level where you can have a conversation comfortably.

Stumble Inn

An okay spot to watch a football match as they seem to have all the channels. A few of the workers are bit long in the tooth which can be disturbing. Friday night there is live music which to be honest adds nothing to the bar.


Needs new chairs and tables but its location at the entrance to Nana Plaza makes it a good spot to sit and have a drink.

K&S Bar

Can get very rowdy in the evening and the music is too loud which makes it hard talk but during the day it’s an ok place to sit and relax.

Hillary 4

A large bar with plenty of ladies inside you can have a game of pool or watch the football but the biggest attraction is its location.

Hillary 2

Here they have a band which is a big hit with couples. Single guys can have a game of pool or hang out with one or more of the bargirls.

Bars Soi 4 Nana (RHS)


Care needs to be taken when dealing with freelancers make sure you're sober or you may wake up with a few items missing. Stationed out front the Nana Hotel.


Latest NewsGood spot to sit and watch the action within Soi 4. Hot women, good music, sport on TV what else does a guy want? GoGo dancers? Then just opposite is the entrance to Nana Plaza.

EQ Late Night Club

A gender friendly nightclub open from 11pm to 5am making this a good place to go if you want to party late into the night. Hip-hop. Recent name change from Equality.

Strikers Sports Pub

Located opposite Nana Plaza. Cool bar, pool tables, sports on flat screen TV’s and of course women! Review whenever.

Smooci Bangkok