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Nana Plaza

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Butterflies | Nana Plaza

Located on the top floor of Nana Plaza is the Butterflies GoGo Bar which is one of the biggest bars within Nana Plaza Bangkok. The bar has been renovated to a high standard with comfortable tiered stadium style seating on the RHS as you walk in. On the LHS is where you can sit on sofas which are a good idea if you decide to have a bit of fun with one of the gogo dancers. Before you know she will be on your lap… Cool!

Butterflies Nana Plaza

Butterflies Nana Plaza GoGo Dancers

There are 2 good sized dance floors that will hold 10 dancers on each comfortably. Perched between the 2 dance floor is a third which is made out of Perspex where you do get a good view if you take a seat underneath the dance floor…. Just look up.

There is even more options for seating and my personal favorite at Butterflies is tables and stools which are located against the wall as you enter which does give you a bit of a pub feel. You can also sit around the dance floor which never gets boring especially when it’s busy.

By the left hand side wall at Butterflies GoGo Bar it’s party time as this is where the Jacuzzi/Shower Is located. Take a seat near or around the tub and be prepared to be entertained by 6-8 Jacuzzi dancers who aren't shy on having a good time. There is a large mirror on the wall which means you will see the dancers from all angles. The action can get a bit wild on most nights which definitely makes it well worth heading up to the top floor of Nana Plaza.

The gogo dancers within Butterflies are very good and do want to entertain. You will find more than a few that will push all the right buttons and before you know it… you will thinking of paying the barfine which is set at 700฿. If need a bit of courage then a beer costs 160฿.

At Butterflies they have a very good DJ. Some of the songs played tonight I had never heard at any other gogo bar. They had such a good beat that more than a few of the dancers did let loose!! Now that’s what you want to see when visiting a Bangkok gogo bar.

Butterflies Nana Plaza … 6½/10.