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Live Music

If you frequent Nana Plaza, Soi Cowboy or Patpong and you’re after some live music then here's a look at what is close-by. Some people go for different reasons mine is to hear good music and to listen to songs that I know. If they can rip into some AC/DC then I'm sticking around.

If it’s loud music you want then head to Soi Cowboy and The Corner Bar you will get it but at a price. The band is poor, you will be hounded by bargirls plus the bar is rougher than most. This might be right up a lot of peoples ally where they can really let lose and have a night to remember. I guarantee you wont remember the band.

The Country Road Bar for me is disappointing, the songs are tailored more towards couples. They have some decent enough looking bargirls who do get into the songs but they should drive most single guys out the door. It was actually so bad that I went and sat outside. I just happened to chat with someone who had never been to Soi Cowboy. He asked, is this a gay bar? The answer is no but I can see where someone might think so. The bargirls could be a bit of fun which is lucky, just hangout where the band is playing and fantasize that you have a girlfriend, now you might have a good night out, FFS.

The Five Star Bar. Now we are talking, I’ve seen this band pissed and I’ve seen them sober, the result was the same each time and that is, they are good. If you like bands like AC/DC, The Doors etc then you’re in for a treat. They really are an all round good band, the singer is very good as are the drummer and base player but it’s when it comes to guitar playing is where the band excels.

Five Star Bar Soi Cowboy

Five Star Bar Band - Soi Cowboy

The Five Star Bar is narrow and the bench seats are run along the wall making it more difficult to watch the band. The bargirls do interrupt you especially if you have come to see the band. You wouldn't mind if they were hot but sadly they are not. I really think if the owners of the Five Star Bar invested in having some Coyote dancers on a Friday & Saturday night then they would pack the place out.

All three bars are clustered at the same end of Soi Cowboy.

Head towards Nana Plaza and you will find Bangkok Beat located in Sukhumvit 7/1. This is my sort of bar where you can go out and see a decent band whilst you stand around talking / chatting up the chicks inside. I know this is about live bands but here they can take a back seat since the women inside are customers. What that means, it’s not like the other bars where all the women are bargirls where all you have to do is pay the barfine and she will then be your best friend for the night, where’s the challenge in that?

The only challenge here is finding out if the are freelancers, I’m sure not every chick is. Getting back to the band they pump out the songs and have both a male and a female singer, they are good but for me Bangkok Beat it’s all about having fun with women. It can go both ways regular women can go here hoping to land some hot looking guy.

Inside Nana Plaza there is no live music. Soi 4 have a couple.

First up is the Stumble Inn and twice I have gone in for one reason only and that was to watch a football match on one of their TV’s. I didn’t mind when I entered that they had the music pumping but when the one man band started singing, FFS. I didn't even get to half-time. I went in a second time and noticed them setting up for some music and it was the same guy about to sing, this time I went and found another bar.

Stumble Inn has plenty of bargirls inside and since they have live music, do us all a favor and man the place up. Get a band that plays some heavy sh.t. I want to be holding my new friend tight whilst listening to a band getting it on, not the soft sh.t this guy was playing.

Hillary 2 has a live band. This is where are lot of guys bring their bargirls that they spend more than just a night with. They’re mixed with tourists that travel with their wife / girlfriends, you don't know who’s who. The band is good and have a male and a female singer. I must admit that the songs sung weren't to my liking but the couples were all getting into it. Hit Hillary 2 if you already have a woman, this is the spot for you. They do sell a lot of roses here, people need get a grip especially the ones with the bargirls.

At Patpong they have a live band in Soi 1 in the no name establishment near Kings Corner Bar. This is another bar that is mainly for couples although they do play a better song selection than the other couples bars.

This week at Soi Cowboy I spent an hour inside and outside the Five Star Bar. Whilst outside I talked with one of the bargirls (mid 30's) who had her biggest assets pressed up against me. I could see how she could get a guy easily enough, since she was very pleasant and her breast felt so good.

Once I went inside to watch the band she made an appearance, stripped off to her bikini and jumped onto the gogo stage. All I need say is, something's are best left covered. I couldn't believe that she could have turned me on outside, what a pro.

It’s good to see that bars like Rawhide & Lucky Star have dancers in bikinis out front. At least now they can try and show up the chicks from the DeJavu Bar who just happened to look awesome in their Brazilian colors.

DeJavu GoGo Bar Soi Cowboy

DeJavu Dancers - Soi Cowboy

It’s was hard work getting the picture above as the chick from the Five Star Bar was all over me. Looking at the picture now, it was well worth it. The Dollhouse has gradually been increasing the numbers of gogo dancers. This is such a cool bar and well worth heading inside.

At Nana Plaza I always thought one of the problems with Bangkok Bunnies was they had a couple of granny’s trying to get people inside. I found it quite off putting as one in particular is not good on the eye. I really am trying to be polite here. To my shock this week even with new owners they have the most unattractive granny out front being the face of Bangkok Bunnies. Nice, really?

It’s not rocket science this. Here's a tip just put hot chicks out front and no granny's in sight then see what happens. Send the granny's packing or buy them a fruit cart, set it up out front the Nana Hotel Carpark as they will get more customers selling pineapples.

Sticking with Bangkok Bunnies one of their assets was you could get freshly made pizza and other snacks. The pizza oven is gone and there is no sign of any food for sale.

I may be speaking too soon but the guys that usually drink near Angelwitch weren't there the nights I went by, hopefully it stays like that. Walking past Sexy Night they looked quiet although the bargirl I sometimes have a chat with was pissed, it looks like she has had a big night. Jail Birdz is becoming very lively and is well worth checking out, located on the top floor of Nana Plaza.

The R & B Bar now a ladyboy bar looks very quiet, the other ladyboy bars on the middle floor are defiantly doing better trade. DC10 has been doing well, they can get quite busy these days therefore I’d guess they do have a good group of ladyboys inside.

The Strip Patpong Soi 2 Bangkok

The Strip - Snake Show

I headed to Patpong on Friday night and hung out in Patpong Soi 2, there’s a few bars that are standouts. I spent some time at the Black Pagoda within the bridge section where you can look over Soi 2. The DJ is excellent as is the standard of the girls inside. Use the stairs or take the lift either way it’s well worth the trip up to Black Pagoda.

Bada Bing had the place packed with dancer and they were busier than they have been over the last several weeks. The customers inside looked mainly Japanese. I didn’t go in the Pink Panther but had a good gawk at the dancers as I walked past and they looked good.

Friday night meant snake show night at The Strip. The show is worth seeing but only lasts about 10 minutes.