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MenuAn Honest Review of Bars @ Nana Plaza, Soi Cowboy & Patpong.


Lighthouse Go-Go Bar | Soi Cowboy

The Lighthouse Go-Go Bar located opposite the Cowboy 2 Bar. This can be the busiest section of Soi Cowboy due to the amount of gogo dancers usually standing within Soi Cowboy. The Lighthouse has a good sized outside bar area which is worth taking a seat and having a beer. Especially if you want to soak up the atmosphere of Soi Cowboy.

More than a few of the dancers at the Lighthouse are very fit and have the best butts you will see in a long time. Try having a conversation in the outside bar when these chicks come out front. I bet you will be distracted on more than one occasion.

Inside the Lighthouse Soi Cowboy

The Lighthouse Go-Go Bar

The Lighthouse is set over two levels with a glass ceiling allowing you to see the dancers upstairs. On the ground floor there is a long narrow dance floor that holds around 18 dancers and is surrounded by comfortable tiered bench seats. The standard of the gogo dancers here is high in the looks department. If you’re up for some fun then you shouldn’t go home alone. Although it does take two to tango…. choose wisely.

Show some interest in one of the dancers and they will put in a bit extra into their dancing. Bend over and grab their ankles… That sort of stuff. I just know the dancer I have been watching will come over when she finishes her set. I got another beer which cost 145 Baht and after about 4 songs true to form over she came. Hey I’ll buy anyone a drink who puts on a good show.

A lady drink is 160 Baht but if they want a soda then it’s 120 Baht. She wasn't shy at all sitting nice and close with one hand on my leg. F…me she has a firm body. At some of the other bars the dancers look hot but they are soft! Not here at the Lighthouse.

The women that are on stage now all appear a bit larger up top than the usual Thai woman. Some dancers are wearing see through tops…. cool. I ask my new friend how much is it to barfine someone here? 600 Baht for everyone but the Coyote Dancers who cost 1200 Baht. The music is good here at the Lighthouse Agogo Bar with the volume set to a comfortable level .

You will be surprised how well designed the upstairs gogo bar area is. For me it looks more like a VIP area with a glass dance floor and more than comfortable seating… I have never seen the top floor in operation but it certainly looks good empty.

The Lighthouse is worth a look If you’re in a group on a Friday or Saturday night. They’re still a fair bit away from a bar like The Dollhouse in regard to the … Wow Factor.

The Lighthouse Soi Cowboy … 6/10.