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Soi Cowboy Bangkok

An Honest Review of Bars @ Nana Plaza, Soi Cowboy, Patpong & Pattaya…


Kiss Go-Go Bar - Soi Cowboy Bangkok

Located within Soi Cowboy is the Kiss Go-Go Bar which is next to the Lighthouse Go-Go Bar and opposite Dundee Bar.You really cant miss Kiss as the neon lights are in abundance, There is always a group of dancers out front trying to get people inside. if you let them drag you in the girl will try and sit with you and have a drink. I enter avoiding everyone outside, winner.

Kiss Go-Go Bar is a good size with an elevated dance floor in the middle which would hold about 15 dancers comfortably they have chains with rings hanging over the dance floor.

There are 10 girls dancing now on stage and had to do a double take as the 4 women in the middle of the dance floor are wearing see through tops and just a thick black belt they were facing the opposite way therefore I thought they had g-strings on but when they turned to my direction sh.t hot no g-string. I was occupied watching the 4 women dance for 3 songs then it was a shift change and everyone was fully clothed.

I finally get served by and older woman who was friendly enough and got a Tiger beer for 200฿. There are 8 dancers on stage and 5 can really dance but there are 2 in particular that are letting the team down. I did notice the fired up for one song. There are a few very attractive fit looking women here so most people would find someone to their liking. I had a chat with one of the staff about barfines here its 800฿ for all dancers and 3000฿ up front for the lady. I do think its the wrong way to do business as the price should be negotiated beforehand between the customer and the lady its really not any bars business once the barfine has been paid. Don't change it if not broke this will just put people off coming to the Kiss Go-Go Bar.

Looking around the bar there are a couple of older guys getting a lap dance all you need do is buy them a lady's drink at 240฿ which is pretty good value try to get that in the west.

The music and volume is good here at Kiss Go-Go Bar and you can have a conversation with someone without having to yell which is a bonus especially if you want to have a lady over for a chat which I would recommend as the women working here are very pleasant and want to have a good time. If you want to be a bit rowdy then this isn't the bar for you head over to the Toy Bar where it can be like a freak show.

Kiss Go-Go Bar 6/10.

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