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King’s Corner 2 | Patpong

What a shock walking into Patpong 2's King’s Corner 2. I was under the impression it was a mix of women and ladyboys. When you enter King’s Corner 2 you’re surrounded by ladyboys although I must admit they looked like they’re real women up on the stage. I hope I can spot a woman from 15ft away then get them over for a drink. The layout is well thought out as there are sofas laid out facing the elevated dance floor. It’s just like going to the cinemas. Do yourself a favor and get a seat quick and order a drink straight away. I asked the waitress is there women here and she said 50/50 … yeah right!!!

Kings Corner Patpong

Kings Corner 2 Patpong Soi 2

Once seated the pressure is right on! Everyone on the dance floor which is about fifteen dancers and eight ladyboys on the floor are now looking at me wanting to come over and have a drink. They must have a rule that no one can come sit next to you unless called over which is an excellent rule. Prices at Kings Corner 2 are … Beer 150 Baht, lady drinks 200 Baht, barfine 600 Baht and they have a room upstairs 400 Baht for 2 hours if you dare.

So here I am under real pressure to pick one of what I hope is a women from the crowd. I spot one of the dancers that I am convinced is a woman so I waved her over for a drink. I learnt from Soi Cowboys the Cockatoo Bar that you better buy someone a drink quick or the ladyboys wont leave you alone.

This woman I called over looks stunning and once seated I  asked her are you a ladyboy and to my shock the answer was ‘yes!’… Time too dig deep and be polite and ask a few questions… ‘Are there women here?’ … ‘Yes is 50/50’… damn my radar must be off! But then she adds 50% are post-op… HA HA. So there you have it … In a ladyboys mind if they have had the full operation then they are now a woman… Okay fair enough. I ask… ‘Have you had the op?’ HA HA… ‘No’ … Unlucky with a 50/50 chance and I pick a chic with a d.ck. Not Cool.

King’s Corner 2 Patpong … 5/10.