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King’s Corner 2 Bar - Patpong 2 Bangkok

What a shock walking into Patpong 2's King’s Corner 2 as I was under the impression it was a mix of women and ladyboys. When you enter King’s Corner 2 you’re surrounded by ladyboys although it looks like they’re real women up on the dance floor, I hope so, lets give it try from 15ft away can I spot a woman.

The layout is good as there is sofas laid out facing the elevated dance floor, its just like going to the cinemas. Do yourself a favor and get a seat quick and order a drink, I asked the waitress is there women here and she said 50/50 (yeah right).

Once seated now the pressure is right on everyone on the dance floor which is about 15 dancers and about 8 ladyboys on the floor are now looking at me wanting to come over and have a drink. They must have a rule that no one can come sit next to you unless called over.

So here I am under real pressure to pick one of what I hope is a women from the crowd. I spot one of the dancers that I am convinced is a woman so I waved her over for a drink (I learnt from Soi Cowboys ladyboy bar Cockatoo that you better buy someone a drink quick or they wont leave you alone).

Ok this woman looks stunning but once seated I could pick it in the voice and asked are you a ladyboy and to my shock the answer was yes…..ok time too dig deep and be polite and ask a few questions…. Are there women here? Yes is 50/50… damn my radar must be off…but then she adds 50% are post-op… HA HA so in a ladyboys mind if they have had the full operation then they are a woman… ok fair enough so I ask…you've had the op? HAHA..No…unlucky 50/50 chance and I pick a chic with a dick. Enough of this story as I just had one drink then left.

I ended up catching the Skytrain to Nana Plaza and spent some time at Rainbow 4 Go-Go Bar. Prices at Kings Corner 2 are a Beer 150฿, lady drinks 200฿, barfine 600฿ and they have a room upstairs 400฿ for 2 hours.

King’s Corner 2 Go-Go Bar 4/10

Thai Woman - go-go dancer