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Bangkok GoGo Dancers


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Glamour | Patpong

Here’s a bar that is well worth a look. The Glamour Gogo Bar which is housed within Patpong 2 has its fair share of erotic dancers. Sit back relax and enjoy the show or better yet get one of the dancers over for a drink. Glamour is an easy bar to find as they are located directly opposite Foodland. Inside the Glamour gogo bar is modern and is designed just how I like a gogo bar. Square in shape with two good sized dance floor in the middle. Bench seats surround the action as there is only one place you’d want to look and that is the dancers on the dance floors.

Glamour Patpong

Glamour Bangkok

If you’re in party mode then Glamour is a bar that wont disappoint. Before you know it you will have a dancer on your lap. The night is what you make of it. On the night I went to review Glamour a beer was 150 Baht, a lady drink cost 180 Baht and if you came with intention of barfining one of the dancers then that will cost you 800 Baht. I just happened to walk in when the DJ decided to knock out a set of songs Boom, Boom, Boom! The dancing was top notch and erotic in a style that you may only see in Patpong. If anyone was contemplating on barfining a dancer that night … Then they would have!

Glamour is one of the best bars within Patpong and is a sister bar to Bada Bing. If you spent your whole night at Glamour then you should walk out satisfied. Preferably with one of the dancers. You could be in for the time of your life!

Glamour Patpong … 7/10.