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Nana Plaza Bangkok

An Honest Review of Bars @ Nana Plaza, Soi Cowboy, Patpong & Pattaya…

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Chili Bar | Nana Plaza

Located on the middle floor of Nana Plaza Bangkok is the Chili Go-Go Bar next to Rainbow 3 Go-Go Bar.

The Chili Bar is now a ladyboy bar (June 16).

Below is previous review. Will be updated soon.

When you enter the Chili Bar you realize it is identical to Erotica Go-Go Bar with the key hole shaped dance floor the only difference is it all appears slightly bigger.This go-go bar has a good feel to it when you enter and can see the dancers are up for a bit of fun tonight. A Tiger Beer costs 155฿.

Now to the Chili Bar Go-Go Dancers there are 10 on stage all wearing bikini tops but are pulled to the side therefore they’re really topples…cool, ok it gets better they wear see through mini skirts like in the pics but the only difference is they aren't wearing anything underneath.

I got flashed a few times by a couple of dancers when watching them dance. There’re a few very attractive looking women here so if you’re in the mood of taking one of the dancers out for some fun then I can’t see how you would be disappointed at 700฿ and with some pretty fit looking women to choose from sh.t hot.

I guess if you’re a full on piss pot then this isn't the place for you just go to the Nana Beer Garden then you will find some broken down chick to get pissed with better yet get pissed then go to the new and improved DC10 then see how you feel in the morning…..End of rant….

I watched as one of the dancers was barfined and after she got changed it was quite amusing as she went around to all the other dancers and said goodbye the guy that made her so happy was sober HA HA see they look good here no need to get pissed.

The music and the volume is very good here at the Chili Go-Go Bar the girls up dancing knew how to strut their stuff the only problem that I found is if you make eye contact then they will try to see if you want them come down and have a drink. If you ever go to Nana Plaza Bangkok then the Chili Go-Go Bar is well worth a visit.

Chili Go-Go Bar 7/10.

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