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Nana Plaza Bangkok

An Honest Review of Bars @ Nana Plaza, Soi Cowboy, Patpong & Pattaya…


Casanova Bar | Nana Plaza

The Casanova Bar is another ladyboy bar located on the middle floor of Nana Plaza Bangkok as you stroll up to Casanova’s you will notice several ladyboys milling around out front and you wont be able to walk past without one of them having a word so if you plan going inside take note whoever you communicate with outside they will follow you inside.

Smooci Bangkok

Casanova Bar Nana Plaza

Casanovas is a medium sized bar that is well laid out with the bar and dance floor on the LHS, on the RHS is the seating with cool looking ½ circle bench seats with a table in the middle although a bit dated looking the seats are comfortable and the bar itself has a good atmosphere not the regular high pressure you feel at other ladyboy bars, you could actually sit back relax and watch the five dancers on stage two defiantly looked all women, the songs played where good and the volume was set right.

The ladyboy that followed me in looked stunning with long blondish hair parked her butt right next to me and never asked for a drink as I was ordering a whiskey (150฿) so when it arrived I got her one so it was 20 questions time all the usual, one thing I must say about ladyboys they aren't shy about telling about all the work they have had done, she had a nose job, implants for her hips and breast implants so as I have now learnt with no hormones I tried to be smart and said so you can still get it up ….. Big mistake as I see her diving for a mobile phone then same as at Temptations Ladyboy Bar she showed me his d..k pic in all its glory he / she was as proud as punch I just took a gulp of my whiskey.

Now to business she was keen to be barfined which is 600฿ and seemed to have an answer for every excuse I came up with she informed me that they have a room on the third floor and its 300฿ for one hour if you want do everything with her it’s 2000฿ but if you want ... lets go there a 69er hahaha FFS that's 1500฿ but with all my excuses she said for me just 1000฿.

If you came here in a group you could have a good night at Casanovas as a straight male since it’s more laid back than other ladyboy bars I have been to at Nana Plaza.

All the waitresses where cheerful enough which is always a bonus.

Casanova Bar Bangkok - 6/10.