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Black Pagoda | Patpong

Perched over Patpong 2 on the 3rd floor is the the Black Pagoda Go-Go Bar, when you exit the lift or take the stairs you will think the Black Pagoda is small don't be fooled by this a surprise awaits but we will have to follow the normal process of discovering Black Pagodas secret. I head straight to the bar in the middle of the venue and on the RHS there’re two small dance floors this is were the Coyote Dancers hang out and on the LHS is where the regular dancers are with four small dance floors, Tiger Beer cost 130฿.

Black Pagoda Bangkok

You can take a seat and watch the dancers which is well worth it or buy one of them a drink and before you know it she will be on your lap grinding away and if you are cashed up well you might as well have two chicks here at Black Pagoda since they’re not shy and you can get very hands on. I must admit this is what I did and wont forget the experience for a long time.

There is a small area above the bar were you take stairs and can have a bit of a private party with a few girls, I didn't go up since there were a few people upstairs and I wasn't going to crash their party.

Talking with the waitress who looked good in her mid 20’s I asked how much is a barfine? 900฿ for the regular dancers and the Coyote 1500฿ but for some reason I usually get attracted to the waitress if they have a good personality which she did so asked, what about you? She just said 2000฿ and laughed, they always think I'm joking.

Now after having some fun and thinking ok that's it the music's good not too loud plus these chicks have grinded me stupid it’s time to go so I head to the exit now as you stand there the doors to the stairs are on your RHS the toilets are straight ahead then on the LHS there is a wall and you stand thinking do I need a piss before going true FFS ….. Rant time I have noticed that in a semi pissed state that the so called wall on the LHS you can turn right as I have seen the dancers coming and going just thinking it’s their change rooms… Wrong!!!

So after coming to Black Pagoda on several occasions not one human said to me why don't you go through to the back room? There is no way someone on a visit inside would even know this area existed unless told. (As you can see by the picture above they now have a neon sign on the wall, just head for the sign and turn right).

Black Pagoda Patpong

Black Pagodas Hidden Secret

There are several small dance floors scattered around, comfortable seats a pool table and how about a large bed where some very hot looking dancers can have a bit of fun .

Against the wall there are comfortable sofas where if you come in a group it’s a perfect spot to sit and you can have the curtains closed if you want a bit of privacy and the girls will certainly up for having a bit of a fun.

Black Pagoda Go-Go Bar 6½/10.

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