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Nana Plaza Bangkok

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Billboard Go-Go Bar | Nana Plaza

The Billboard Go-Go Bar is located on the top floor of Nana Plaza and is setting high standards when it come to having a good time. The first thing you will notice when you enter is the chicks in the Jacuzzi, they’re up for a lot of fun and the word hot isn't good enough to describe some of the dancers in the tub.

Billboard Nana Plaza - Dancers Jacuzzi / Shower

Do yourself a favor and grab a seat by the Jacuzzi and watch 4-5 chicks inside who aren't shy of touching one another is a sight to see. Oh yeah and their bikini tops do fall off. Then add another group of dancer dancing behind in the shower area you wont know where to look.

The music is above average and you will here some AC/DC not just the boom/boom that the dancers like to dance to. Another bonus is the have tables between the ‘Jacuzzi’ and the ‘Rotating Dance Floor’ where you can stand or dance to the music which a lot of people aren't too shy to do.

Billboard Top Floor of Nana Plaza

At Billboard there is a show on the hour where you will see some lesbian action which never gets boring to most red blooded males.

Now if you’re able to drag yourself away from the Jacuzzi you will notice the large Carousel which will be packed with dancers and at times they will get right into some erotic dancing, you wont be able take your eye of them.

I’m sure there will be more than a few that push all the right buttons and before you know it you will be barfine time.

Billboard Agogo Bar - Nana Plaza

Billboards has the most dancers of any bar at Nana Plaza and if you're up for a lively night out then Billboards is a must see bar. The dancers are pretty keen for some fun so don't be shy just take a seat around the Jacuzzi, the dancers wont disappoint you.

Billboard go-go is well worth a trip up to the third floor.

Billboard Go-Go Bar 8½/10.