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Lately I’ve been conscious of the the fact that a few reviews need up dating. At Soi Cowboy I like to start by looking at a gogo bars patio bar then take it from there. A few weeks ago I just happened to have a quick look inside the Shark Bar when they were having an owners birthday party, that’s what the bargirl out front was telling people anyway. HA HA … So Dumb! I can remember reading the Stickman Column where he wrote that there was a distinct smell coming from the shitter area. Well I don’t know if it was the smell from the food or what? I thought nah I’m not going in there. Being a tourist here in Thailand with a mindset of what tourists want … And this isn’t it.

Bangkok Bunnies

If you are after some real fun then head on next door into Baccara  which blows the Shark Bar out of the water. From there you can do some real heavy sh.t by hitting Jungle Jim’s or the Moonshine Joint. Just remember don’t be shy and don’t stare at other f.ckers having a good time. Who wants to see their cum face? Suzy Wong of late has more than a few attractive dancers is well worth a look, as is The Dollhouse. Just go check out some of the videos on this websites YouTube Cannel of The Dollhouse. These are the bars you’d want to hang out in as a tourist. I could continue going down the list of bars along Soi Cowboy but that's as far past the Shark Bar I’ll go to keep it all relevant.

The Shark Bar has been feeding of the overflow from Baccara for while now and appears to be on a downward spiral. A change in direction when it comes to barfines might help. Keep it Simple … 600 Baht … Perfect! Also this short time / long time when it comes to banging is just out of order. Before you take someone from a bar plan your night out ahead of time. If it’s to drop a load then hit a massage shop where you can with style. Not a wham bang and she’s out of there.

This week on YouTube:

Bangkok Freelancers Soi 4 Nana

Freelancers female and ladyboys within Soi 4 Nana.

Saigon Vietnam

Take a look at Bui Vien Street on a Friday Night.

Over the coming weeks I may not have time to do an article for the Weekly Column. I’ll be optimizing the YouTube Channel (and more) which has now passed the 2000 subscriber mark. YouTube is a very interesting beast. I do look forward to the challenges that appear as the channel grows.

Getting back to the Shark Bar. Lets see how they do as I walk past their outside patio bar on Friday Night. HA HA you just know this going to be f.cked! Well me I look over and I’m sure I am staring into the abyss. So friggin uninviting. You’d think if you had anything to do with the bar that you might consider to go sit in a corner and give the bar a chance. That spot should be reserved for the customers who are after a good view of the Cockatoo Ladyboy Bar. What is funny when I see stuff like this I just can’t wait to tell everyone. No ones that dumb to cry about a bad review when it’s what vibe the bar gives me on any given night. Even just walking by. This is what I base the review on and it can’t be anything else. Damn I do get bored writing some sh.t!

Cockatoo Ladyboy Bar

Cockatoo Ladyboy Bar

Not my favorite image that has been taken from video. It gives you an idea of the ladyboys that work at the Cockatoo Bar though.

Okay most of the above is just in draft form for the up incoming E-book (#3) in the Bangkok Bars Series. There's another interesting beast Amazon E-books. You get a good hit of sales early on. Then sales stay at an acceptable level (with no promotion) overtime. Check out Bangkok Bars Volume 2 … Bangkok Bars Series where the theme is more bargirl centered.

This is just a short article until all the behind the scenes optimizing is done. Once the optimizing jaunt is completed, there will be a couple of bargirl articles that are a bit out there in the “I can’t write that category”. I’ll clean them up as much as possible before they see the light of day. This article hasn’t been proof read yet so hopefully it all jelled together.