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Best Bars 2018

Here’s a list what I think will be the best bars within Bangkok going through 2018. You will notice that the gogo bars that advertise on this website are on this list. This isn’t by accident as these gogo bars are already operating at a high level and there is a clear vision of where the bar is heading. I learnt over a year ago not to let just any bar advertise on this website. Tourists and readers of this website come first. Hit any of these bars and you should have a good time. Here they are in no particular order for now! Check the bottom of the page for the 3 best gogo bars in each location.

Billboard Nana Plaza

Billboard Agogo Bar | Nana Plaza

There is no mistake about it. They are a Gogo Bar!

Nana Plaza

Twister Bar, Billboard, Rainbow 5, Butterflies, Spanky’s, Diamonds Bangkok, Rainbow 1, Bangkok Bunnies, Lollipop, Rainbow 3. Both Playskool and the Enter Bar should make an impact in 2018.

Soi Cowboy

Lucky Star, The Dollhouse, Baccara, Cowboy 2, Midnite Bar, Suzie Wong, Tilac, Kiss Bar (when busy), Rawhide (if in party mode) and Crazy House (Soi 23).


King’s Corner, Thigh Bar, King’s Castle 2, Kings Castle 1, Bada Bing (Twilo), Kiss Bar, King’s Castle 1, Pink Panther, Electric Blue.

Soi Cowboy Bangkok

Spice Girls | Soi Cowboy

Note: Bars like Spice Girls, DeJavu and the Rio Club although I am a fan of these bars. You’d want to have a bit of experience in the gogo bar scene. Otherwise you may end up buying every man and his dog a drink. Here’s a good rule. Don’t buy anyone a drink unless they are straddled on your lap! Why else?

Smaller GoGo Bars and Beer Bars.

Nana Plaza/Soi 4

Hillary 2, Morning Night, Tiki Bar, Hooters, Rest Hub 2.

Soi Cowboy

Toy Bar, Jungle Jim’s, Afterskool, Fanny’s Bar, Moonshine Joint. These bars are all hands-on bars therefore you’d better go inside with the right attitude … Party Time! The Corner Bar and the Country Road both for their live music. Last but not least the Cactus Bar.


The Club, Safari Bar (Older Bargirls), Radio City (they’ve gotta have a crowd).

Nana Plaza | Ladyboy

The above image shows a ladyboy from a nearby ladyboy bar lighting candles for a couple of the women from Diamonds Bangkok. There is another ladyboy at the back. Most ladyboys are easy to spot, especially when they’ve had a bit too much work done on their face.

Ladyboy Bars

Nana Plaza

Charades, DC 10, Casanova, True Obsession, Temptations (big ladyboys).

Soi Cowboy

Sahara (mixed), Midnite Bar (mixed), Crazy Cat (mixed).


King’s Corner 2, King’s Corner (mixed).

Do yourself a favor and read some of the reviews that way you will know what to expect. Also do not pay an entry fee to any gogo bar! I spotted this within Soi 23 on Thursday Night … Not a problem! Just walk a short distance into Soi Cowboy and go to either Baccara, The Dollhouse or Cowboy 2 … Easy!

Simply the Best

Nana Plaza

Billboard Agogo, Twister Bar, Rainbow 5.

Soi Cowboy

Cowboy 2, Baccara, The Dollhouse.


Kings Castle 2, Kings Castle 1, Kings Corner.