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Back in Bangkok

After spending 5 weeks in the UK it’s good to be back in Bangkok. The obese are becoming the majority in the UK and it really is beyond belief that so many people appear to think it’s normal to be 20 to 30kg overweight. It wasn't until I hit Edinburgh that I noticed the majority were in the healthy bracket. Finally women to look at!!! Fit women with no fake tans which seems to be all the craze in the less educated parts of the UK. Only an hour away by train Glasgow has it all, drug abuse, alcohol abuse, obesity running rampant and if you smoke then why not do it to the max. Just ignore all the negatives above then you can have a good holiday in the UK. Thank f.ck I was raised in Australia.

I couldn't hit Soi Cowboy quick enough when I arrived back into Bangkok, for obvious reasons. Bangkok really is a mecca for hot chicks, especially when you have been away in the land of the obese :).

Soi Cowboy Bangkok

DeJavu Dancers in red - Soi Cowboy

Since my sleep pattern is a bit screwed I found myself walking along Sukhumvit road near Soi Cowboy at around 3:30am looking for a bite to eat. You will be amazed at the amount of street side small bars and outside eatery's where you can sit and have a pretty decent meal, still open at this time. I noticed more than a few guys with bargirls that I presume were barfined earlier and are now chowing done to some food. I’d guess they will be staying the night since she hasn't done a runner back to her room.

There're more than a few freelancers seated having a drink. They will give you the eye to sit and have a drink or a meal. You'd really have to be a be desperate to hook up with a freelancer this late. This is Bangkok you shouldn’t be hanging-out at this time to get laid.

You will also pass a few ladyboys. On occasions even a polite smile to a ladyboy along Sukhumvit road especially this late might not be wise as they will more than likely think you are interested. Just keep walking, they should get the message that you were only being polite.

Now what could have changed in the last 5 weeks? Well plenty.

The Mighty Will Rise

Bangkok Bunnies which was ticking along ok only a few months ago albeit not to the bars full potential and was sold to the owners of Baccara. This turned out to be a complete disaster for the bar, so much so that I believe the state of the bar was detrimental to the whole of Nana Plaza. If a first time visitor were to have headed into this bar first they more than likely would have left with a sour taste with the whole experience.

In the past week or so Bangkok Bunnies has been sold back to the previous owner and with no partners in the move now he has complete control for his vision of the bar. All I can say is ‘what a turnaround the bar has had in such a short space of time’. Now when you walk inside you know that you are at one of Bangkok's best gogo bars. Both dance floors are open and with a few tweaks inside it is now easier to move between dance floors where you will see dancers in various stages of dress, or lack of it :). The Jacuzzi that was in the corner is no more and there are plans for a Jacuzzi in a more central location. You can have a game of pool with 2 good sized tables now in the location where Bangkok Milfs was meant to be.

Now to a stroke of genius. The drink prices have been slashed. Since I drink Tiger Light I will use that as my barometer. In other gogo bars it will run as high as 200฿ but on average would be around the 170฿ mark. At Bangkok Bunnies I can get a Tiger Light for 145฿ and this saving runs throughout the drinks menu even into lady drinks.

Right now as it stands Bangkok Bunnies Is a must see bar when you make a trip to Nana Plaza.

Sticking with Nana Plaza Jail Birdz has been sold and now enters into the same stable as Billboard, lets see what changes are made. I wonder if the Jacuzzi will survive? Jail Birdz is a cool bar when busy.

Jail Birdz - Nana Plaza

Jail Birdz - Jacuzzi

The Four Bar is now called Rainbow 4, what a boring roller coaster that was. The R & B Bar is no more, its last gender bender was a ladyboy bar. The Twister Bar is now in the shell of the R & B Bar and what I could see when I stopped for a quick look inside is, they have all women gogo dancers. I will give them a few weeks before heading inside as the changes in this corner of Nana Plaza over the past year have been too numerous, as I hinted above I’m bored sh.tless with the hole ordeal.

The Chili Bar is now a full blown ladyboy bar which now has Rainbow 3 sandwiched between two and the other bar being Straps.

At Patpong Goldfingers has closed, rumors ran for about 6 months but it has finally happened. The shell is there and who’s to say they wont re-open. Bada Bing has had their neon sign covered and they have a sign on one wall ‘Twilo’ which is also the name of the open air bar in Patpong 1 that Bada Bing backs on to. Notice I’m still using the name Bada Bing, well it’s because so are they. There are two plastic posters advertising the European Championships with the Bada Bing logo and name on it. Once they get their paper work sorted out then I’m pretty sure they will be called Bada Bing again officially.

I headed into Black Pagoda early on Friday night briefly and found the bar area over Patpong 2 busy enough for this time of night. Black Pagoda has some very attractive dancers making this a great place to visit if you’re planning on having some fun for the night.

The Thigh Bar had more dancers than usual which does make any bar more appealing to go in for a drink. One surprise was Kings Castle 1 where the numbers of customers were down on what I saw before my 5 week break. I’d say the Football has had an affect on more than a few of the gogo bars as the beer bars with TVs showing the European Championships are doing good trade.

At Soi Cowboy it was business as usual. The Dollhouse is moving along just nicely, do yourself a favor and head on in. I’m sure you wont be disappointed. The Lighthouse Go-Go Bar is a cool spot to have a few drinks in the outside bar. The gogo dancers do come out front frequently and there are more than a few that are fit and terrific looking or should I just say, look hot?

I had plans to head into several bars on Friday night at Soi Cowboy but when I was at The Dollhouse at around 11:45 pm the lights went out in the whole of Soi Cowboy right in the middle of a heavy down pour. There were a few feeble attempts for the power to come back on but that only lasted for a second. Suzie Wongs seemed the best equipped for the power failure with plenty of candles on hand. Other bars were using their mobile phones for torches, you can imagine the stress on some of the bar staff with the Soi in complete darkness trying to get all the drink tabs paid. I gave it an hour before heading off and found Sukhumvit Soi 23 in darkness as well which meant no more fun at Crazy House for any late comers.