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Baccara | Soi Cowboy

The Baccara Go-Go Bar is situated near the end of Soi Cowboy opposite the Rio Club Bar, Cockatoo Bar and is next to the Shark Bar. Baccara has a large outside bar area which is a good place to sit especially if you want to watch all the action at the bars opposite as The Rio Club has a steady stream of dancers standing out front and the Cockatoo Bar Is a ladyboy bar which has the novelty factor.

Entering Baccara Go-Go Bar which is a large bar over 3 levels. They have a large squarish dance floor in the middle which could hold around 20 dancers comfortably, there are 8 dancers on stage when I entered and took a seat by the dance floor.

You notice straight away that here at Baccara it is clean all the mirrors and glass are spotless the seats are very comfortable. Before I knew it by leaning back you notice the dancers on the floor above through the cleanest glass that I have ever seen. HA HA … No … Really!

Baccara Soi Cowboy

Baccara Soi Cowboy

You would think I’d look at the women but no I am easily impressed plus I have just come form Crazy House therefore the dancers can wait… Really I don't know how they keep this place so clean It’s 1 am.

Now to the dancers on the top floor (around 10) who are wearing small mini skirts with nothing else underneath so I don't see any reason to go upstairs since you would be missing out on a great view through the cleanest glass yeah I cant get away from that glass also they’re having a lot of fun and can dance, they do like to give a smile to whoever is watching from below it's like watching a movie at the cinemas.

The dancers in front of me look younger than the ones upstairs and really are just going through the motions but I don't really care as all the action is upstairs, the clientele downstairs are mainly Japanese who are just watching the dancers in front of them.

I noticed the customers coming down from the top floor are mainly western so at Baccara Go-Go Bar they appear to cater for everyone which is one reason this place gets so busy.

A Tiger Beer cost 180฿ making it a more expensive night out at Soi Cowboy Bangkok but I do think its worth spending a few hours here as the dancers upstairs do put on a good show and after a few songs the dancers they took their tops off for around 3 songs and that was worth the price of a beer since there is some above average sized breasts on show.

The music is good and the only complaint that I really have is getting the dancers downstairs to learn how to dance since they seem a bit inexperienced. All they need is 2 or 3 really good dancers to light the whole place up, apart from that nice place… clean….clean…clean impressive.

Baccara Soi Cowboy8½/10.

Smooci Bangkok