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Soi Cowboy Bangkok

An Honest Review of Bars @ Nana Plaza, Soi Cowboy, Patpong & Pattaya…


Afterskool Bar | Soi Cowboy Bangkok

The Afterskool Bar in Soi Cowboy usually just has guys out front having a drink since the location is so good with a few gogo dancers from other bars close-by hanging around in the Soi. The Afterskool Bar is situated next to the Lighthouse go-go bar and Fanny's Bar. It's an easy bar to just walk right past as your eyes are normally elsewhere and not looking at the neon signs. Once I arrived I had a drink in the outside bar area which is busy tonight being a Friday night.

Afterskool Bar Coyote Dancers

A Tiger beer cost 105฿ and a lady drink costs 100฿ a woman in her late 30's came over straight away wanting to have a chat/drink but I got her packing as quickly as possible, you need to learn just don't talk with anyone that comes over, or you might end up having the most boring night being with the wrong person.

After a drink out front I head inside and find the bar to be narrow but an ok size and is noticeably bigger than the likes of Jungle Jim’s Bar and the Toy Bar. The bar is situated on the LHS as you walk inside they have a small dance floor on the RHS which can hold 4 dancers, there were 2 up dancing when I entered nothing special at all plus both were overweight, that was the last time that I looked over at them.

I was surrounded by 4 women pretty quick ranging from 25 to 50 yrs and that's me being polite. So again I have to get 3 of them packing as I only want talk with one of them, this took about 10 min's though. Once I got her alone I f….d her stupid ….No… anyway I found out its 600฿ if you want to barfine a woman working in the bar. I had a quick scan around the bar and no to them all regarding, wanting to barfine any of them.

Update mid Nov, 2015

The Afterskool Bar now have some coyote dancers which has improved the standard of the girls working at the bar, for them it’s 200฿ a lady drink.

They have a corner at the end of the bar where the regular bargirls will give you a good rub down for 500฿ (Not the Coyote) and they will supply the wet wipes to clean you up… HA HA why would anyone want this is beyond me? The bar itself is very well ventilated and the music is set lower than at in most bars, so if you do take a fancy with one of the bargirls then at least you will be able to have a decent conversation, the woman that I talked to could speak and understand English pretty well.

You can also order food here which comes from the kitchen at Sam's 2000 Bar. Opposite the Afterskool Bar is Spice Girls Go-Go Bar therefore if you do decide to stay outside then there will always be some good looking dancers out front.

The Afterskool Bar - Soi Cowboy 4/10.