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Soi Cowboy Bangkok

Weekly Column

Best Go Go Bars - Top 4

Time to have a look at the best go go bars in Bangkok right now. I have hit Nana Plaza, Soi Cowboy and Patpong fairly hard over the past month, therefore I really know who’s on top of their game. It’s so tight at the top especially with the top three. For me the cool part is they’re all totally different bars, making the decision of which bar is #1 all that more difficult. They are all striving to be the best in what they do. ***This list and is only valid up to the date of publication***. I have witnessed bars fall from grace at the drop of a hat whereas other bars have turned things around for the better in a mater of weeks.

#4. The Dollhouse Agogo Bar ****

Located within Soi Cowboy The Dollhouse is such a cool bar. Tourists on a trip to Soi Cowboy wont forget their first sight of a gogo dancer dancing out front for a long time. Inside you will see dancers in various stages of dress or should I say undress. Here the dancers are up for a good time. Just show them some interest then I’m sure you will be in for a good night out. At The Dollhouse you can head upstairs and enjoy some tabletop dancing. With multiple formats this makes for a top bar just go to which area takes your given mood on the night.

The Dollhouse Bangkok

The Dollhouse - Soi Cowboy

What propels The Dollhouse into Bangkok's top 4 bars is their dance contests usually called Nanapong. These are mind blowingly good. If you are lucky enough to be in Bangkok when one is being held then drop everything, especially if you have never been to one. Tourists will be talking about their night out for years to come.

#3. Crazy House Bangkok *****

Located within Sukhumvit Soi 23. What a cool bar. Crazy House Bangkok has two levels of dance floors that are jammed packed with naked dancers. The best spot within the bar is a seat around the ground floor dance floor. The music is usually good at Crazy House with very few flat spots. The volume will be cranked up to the max making the whole experience not feel real when you first enter. This all adds to the atmosphere.

Some dancers are exceptional with a very strong presence on the dance floor. When it’s break time the dancers don't put on any clothes, Sh.t Hot!! They will go over and hang out with whoever is buying them a drink. Whenever I have gone into Crazy House I always have a couple of drinks first, it really does add to the whole experience being slightly sloshed. One big positive at Crazy House is on occasions they play some Issan music. For anyone who doesn't have any experience with Thai women well lets just say ‘the chicks go wild’. Since the dancers are naked, you do get the wow factor.

The biggest negative for Crazy House is their size, they really do pack them in. I’m talking shoulder to shoulder stuff especially if you cant get a seat. Even with the seats around the dance floor you don't get much elbow room.

#2. Baccara Go Go Bar *****

Located within Soi Cowboy Baccara has three levels of dance floors. When you enter there will be a dance floor jam packed with gogo dancers in high heals. You can also see the dancers on the middle level dance floor via the glass dance floor, the best spot is around the dance floor if you want to see the dancers above. Fortunately for everyone they have forgotten to put on one piece of clothing. You have a choice of either staying here or going up to the next level. For me the middle floor is the best as the dancers now wear sneakers and with every shift change there is always 2 or 3 stunning gogo dancers that can really dance. I really mean stunning!!!! You can also look up and see the dancers on the top floor.

At Baccara you will feel the atmosphere as you enter and when the music is right the dancers on the middle and top floors can really light-up the dance floor, since they have more room with around 10 to 12 dancers on each. The shift changes on these levels are interesting as they go from some very sexy cool dancers to topless bigger breasted dancers.

Baccara Bangkok

Baccara Go Go Bar - Soi Cowboy

Baccara is very tourist friendly, the staff inside are polite and you don't get hassled for a drink out of the blue. I bought one of the dancers a drink, when she came over she sat on my lap and started grooving to the music. Cool, who needs to talk? Baccara is such a cool bar and is very hard to fault.

There is only one reason that Baccara isn’t #1 and that is the music/set list. When the music is right you just cant take your eyes certain dancers but that all stops when there are flat spots in the set list. Even the best dancers come to a halt and usually start talking to whoever is close-by. This can last for 2 or 3 songs then bang they’re back and you just know Baccara is sh.t hot.

#1. Billboard Agogo Bar *****

Located on the top floor of Nana Plaza. Billboard is the best go go bar in Bangkok right now. Billboard isn't stuck with just one format, here they have multiple. You can sit by the Jacuzzi where you will see up to ten gorgeous women in various stages of dress entertaining the crowd. If you are lucky enough to get a seat around the tub then you are defiantly in for a good night out, it can get very hands on. If that's not your cup of tea then take a seat around the large rotating dance floor which is jam packed with dancers. I’m sure there will be someone that will take your fancy, just call her down for a drink.

You can sit up in the tiered seating where you wont miss out on any of the action below. This is also a good area to sit and have a drink with one of the dancers. For me the best spot is between the Jacuzzi and the dance floor where there are tables and stools that you can sit or stand. This gives Billboard a real club/pub feel, you can really let loose here.

Billboard Nana Plaza

Billboard Agogo Bar - Nana Plaza

Shows can be a downer at some bars but not at Billboard. With AC/DC belting out of the speakers this really sets the mood as a couple of dancers hit the rotating dance floor and throw themselves into the splits. You will find it very hard to take your eyes of them.

I have witnessed on many occasions customers having the time of their lives at Billboard, you just don't see this level of enjoyment at other bars. If you’re a Tourist and want to have some genuine fun then Billboard Agogo Bar is the place to go.

How does Billboard do it?

1. There is a pisser atmosphere that 90% of bars don’t even come close.

2. The music/set-list.

3. The dancers in the Jacuzzi set the pace with their attitude. They really do want to have some fun.

4. There is no shortage of hot dancers.

5. The staff are excellent which means you don't get hassled at Billboard.

There you have it, my top 4 bars in Bangkok right now. If you visit any of these bars especially on a Friday or a Saturday night then you’re guaranteed to have a good time.

Just outside the top 4 best bars in no particular order are: Suzie Wong (Soi Cowboy), Rainbow 4 (Nana Plaza), Kings Castle 2 (Patpong), Spanky’s (Nana Plaza). There are a couple of sleeping giants that during the peak season could make a big push into the top 4. They’re the Tilac Bar (Soi Cowboy) and Bangkok Bunnies (Nana Plaza).